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Decarb Didnt work- Nondecarb did

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by Rocket1967, Aug 2, 2019.

  1. So i tried some edibles that were simple firecrackers- ill make this short and sweet

    I made two batches this way

    Grind .7 gram two saltines peanutbutter and wrap in foil and throw in oven for
    12 mins at 340degrees
    11mins at 320

    This way gets me extremely baked

    Other two batches made same way except previous to the cracker i baked just the nugget in the oven for 40mins at 240 degrees

    This way didnt give me any kind of high unfortunately. I keep reading decarbing amkes them more potent but i get nothing when i decarb

    Any suggestion

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  2. @BrassNwood Can you answer this?
    I have such a problem getting off on edibles too
  3. Took the decarbed ones to close to the non decarbed is my guess. Didn't give your body time to reset. I've experimented extensively and even if you double the decarb time it still has the same strong effects. Don't judge on a small sample of 2 or 3 attempts.
    <-- been making Kief oil for years now. I know what fails and what doesn't.
    Skipping the decarb gives a 1/3rd the strength.

    I missed enough decarbs when I started making it and wound up with third to half strength capsules enough times to be damned sure it gets done now.

    Feel free to experiment further on your own and post results YMMV.
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  4. Alright i try it a few more times cause everyone swares by decarbing.

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  5. It def worked 3rd time holy f

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  6. So 340is too high a temp and is killing your canibinoids if you decade first you have already made it ready to be eaten but the second bake completely kills the thc thus making it ineffective in this case just grinding and going straight to oven is the way to go and why it works better. After 240 it’s really just a waste of weed. Hope that helps.
  7. Getting potent rdibles is ALL about the decarb. 240*F for 40 minutes is the sweet spot even though lower and high temps can work they just dont give the consistant results im looking for where 240*F for 40 minutes does.

    Use Lecithin. Its an emulsifier and Its in alot of medicines on the market. It helps the onset time and how hard they hit. I use 1tspn per 6 grams of decarbed ganja and for me its the sweet spot. Others use a little more or a little less.

    Fatty oils. Any fatty oil works but i use a lot of coconut oil or butter. If im baking i add the medicated oil to mix before it goes in the oven then bake as directed by the recipe. If im adding it to say a pizza or a steak i use olive oil or butter and add it AFTER its done cooking so as not to destroy the good stuff.

    Once you get the decarb down to a consistent process you can medicate pretty much anything!!!

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