Debt Kids

Discussion in 'Politics' started by esseff, Jun 19, 2013.

  1. This says it so well!

  2. Bruh this is so true. I was juss conversing about this. I plan on making it through life never being in debt im not going to college unless its paid for. We gotta stop letting them fuck us over. We have to know we have the power to change whats going on

  3. So true.

    Ive got into a few fights with my wife over politics. Not because we disagree, but because she feels "surviving" is too kuch work to have to worry about other shit...

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  4. There are ways to eliminate or reduce college debt, such as going part time and working at the same time - graduation won't be in four years, but at least you won't go broke.  There's also state and city sponsored schools which are more affordable.     
  5. But what the government does not know is we can learn to organize. I'd say with today's technology, and social networking, we can organize much faster than anyone ever before. 
    So when college students feel the pressure, we simply organize and protest. 
    17 trillion in debt. Higher taxes, to pay that debt, and student loans with high interest rates. I bet it would be very easy to organize protests on college campuses. Especially universities in the state capitols. 
  6. If it were so easy everyone would do it...

    Is there a reason people dont do that? Are they just ignorrant?

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  7. Yeah, they are just ignorrant!  :hello:

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