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  1. I go by death wish because it's my gamer tag for xbox and ps3. Psn: deathwish-18 xbox: PMHSxDEATHWISH. I've been apart of the counter culture for about 3 years now. April 18th is my anniversary and April 20th is the aniversery of my first actually good session. I live in cincinnati. I'm African American. I play violin. I hate seafood and vegetables. Hate most fruits. I'm a libertarian in my political views. so any questions or you wanna chat hit me up.
  2. i thought you wanted grasscity to die or something
  3. Welcome to the city, I must say I kind of expected some negative comments toward GC but obviously not the case. Instead I discovered a fellow Cincinnatian. Welcome Deathwish, I am just across the river but refer to Cincy as my area.

    I go by LeftyDelight on xbox, I'm European American. I wish I could play the fiddle. I love seafood and vegetables. Love most fruits. I am a mix of everything politically but support a system of no government, free market economics, and survival of the fittest. hahahaha

    Welcome bro, marijuana brings differences together, see you around.
  4. are you more african or more american???
  5. Interesting....very very interesting...

  6. LOL who gives a shit?
  7. Yeah man, Ya cant be both. Im not European American, Just American. Gotta pick one.

    Im a Violist, How long have yopu been playing violin?
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    Welcome to grasscity. What kind of music do you like to listen to?

  9. I was a joke man, Relax. Sarcasm doesnt translate well in text.:rolleyes:
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    I got you mate. I thought it was funny, I did not assume you meant any offense. Some folks just get excited when they take things literally.

  11. i am going to invent sarcasm font and become the next richest man
  12. I'm American of African decent. I guess thatd be the technical term. And I've been playing for 12 years now. And I like pretty much everything except country but I listen to passion pit, temper trap, miike snow, mgmt. Idk thats just recently oh and ra ra riot, very chill band.
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    I would defiantly invest in that. It sounds like it would be on highdeas, it's genius.
  14. lmao, welcome to GC deathwish!

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