Death's Automatic EazyRyder (IN FLOWER) Technaflora Nutes SMacro pics

Discussion in 'Indoor Grow Journals' started by DeathHund, Aug 9, 2011.

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    Hey Blades,

    So if you've followed a journal of mine before you know I had to kill my last plants which were Afghan Kush Ryder and an EazyRyder.

    This time no plant murder will take place. Guaranteed.

    This girl is 49 days old. Time to finish is between 70-75 days. So we are nearing the end.

    She is really not that stinky, sometimes I get a whiff, but for now no odor problems. Lots of buds popping up. Trichome production is kicking into high gear.

    Grow baby grow.


    Two 55w 2700k CFL's
    Two 46w 2700k CFL's
    One 26w 6500k CFL's
    One 26w 2700k CFL


    Technaflora Recipe for Success starter kit.


    EarthPro all natural potting soil, no nutes.


    Five gallon bucket.

    Schedule: 20/4

    Click the thumbnail, then click again to zoom, some are super macro's

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  2. Any guesses on yield? I have no way to judge yet.
  3. Pretty plant! Why did you have to kill your last grow? Sorry but I have no clue about yield. I don't know anything about autos, but even with reg. strains I suck at guessing yields. She has almost 4 weeks to fatten up, though. Have you thought about switching to HPS? Does she live in a spare shower? Very cool.

  4. Thanks!

    I had to chop my last girls due to some shit going down. But it was just me being too paranoid.

    I think it has about 3 weeks left. The breeder says 7 weeks. But a guy on here went to 73 days. I count my days from when I put the seed in the dirt, so it is subjective. I hope it does have 4 weeks actually because I want some big fat buds.

    I just accidently broke a branch with some small buds. So I put it in the oven at 250 for a half hour and put it in in my bong. I got one bowl out of it, and I got quite a buzz. Not stoned but pretty high for small immature buds. That gives me great anticipation for the final buds. It is going to be very strong.

    Yea that's her shower, makes watering so easy. No mess.

    Just fed her two gallons of her flower formula. She will grow like mad all night.

    Oh, I don't want HPS. I am going LED for subsequent grows. I am going to change the bulbs on friday to all six 55w 2700k CFL's. She needs more light, though what she has is sufficient I want her to have an abundance.
  5. Sounds promising! Funny how they grow at night, isn't it? 7 weeks would be today, and she's not near ready. I wish breeders would just say they don't know instead of making stuff up, or at least give a range. Most strains aren't really stabilized so the seeds are not identical to one another.
  6. Damn I didn't realize it's been that long. Hell last week there were no buds, now look. It is growing really fast.
  7. I'm trying to decide the next strain. I'm going to go on and start it soon, since this one is about done.
    Here's my beans:


    DNA Genetics Hashplant Haze (2)

    THSeeds Heavy Duty Fruity (2)

    THSeeds Dark Star (2)

    THSeeds S.A.GE. (2)

    Feminized Beans:

    Dinafem Seeds Original Amnesia (1)

    THSeeds S.A.G.E. (1)

    Green House Seeds Kalashnikova (1)

    G13 Labs Sour Candy (1)

    THSeeds Kushage (1)

    World of Seeds Northern Lights x Big Bud (1)

    World of Seeds New York 47 (1)

    G13 Labs Pineapple Express (1)

    DNA Genetics Sour Cream (1)


    Joint Doctor's EazyRyder (3)

    So those are the beans I have. I'm leaning towards the Original Amnesia and the New York 47, or the Pineapple Express.

    I am saving the reg seeds. I am only using fem'd seeds right now.

    Any suggestions?
  8. I'm going to go with the Sour Cream, it just sounds too damn good.
  9. Sounds delish!
  10. I think I'm going to do two plants next grow. Sour Cream and maybe the Original Amnesia. I'm only worried about height issues.

    The amnesia gets 3.5 meters. That's like 12 feet. LST and FIM for sure.
  11. Hi hund...good to see you back...:wave:

    That one has always sounded good to me too...:cool:

    I think Up_In_Smokin' just recently ran Sour Cream...not sure, but he sometimes posts parts of his grows in his blog...
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