Deathcore/screaming music while high

Discussion in 'Music genres, Bands and Artists' started by Wonderboy, Aug 30, 2007.

  1. Whats your opinion on it? Alot of my friends like it others cant stand it. I like it when i smoke because i listen to it while playing counterstrike and somehow can understand the words way easier then if i were sober.
  2. i agree about feeling like you can understand the words better. i keep going to hardcore shows stoned and it's way more enjoyable than sober. the pit is a little scary though.
  3. I really can't stand hardcore music in any state. I'm more of a Devendra Banhart person.
  4. Any kind of intense/fast/angry music kind of rubs me the wrong way when I'm stoned, so I just stick with the chill shit.
  5. Dude fuck that.
    Im all about trance techno, and hiphop.
    That death shit would kill my high in all of 5 seconds.
  6. I love listenin to hardcore when I am long as the "screaming music" you are talking about isnt Atreyu and It Dies Today or whatever emo-screamo shit is played on the radio today.
  7. Horrible music in general, high or not.... Simple chords and some asshole dressed in his little sister's clothes, wearing more makeup than Ivanna Trup, screaming his lungs out about... I don't even know, I can't understand it.
  8. not talking about emo. more like, jfac despised icon,through the eyes of the dead, etc
  9. i live on long island and he LI hardcore scene is pretty crazy. Hate it high but love moshing sober.
  10. hardcore is too annoying for me.
    go listen to some hendrix man.
  11. Yeah, I can't listen to that music while smoking. It kills the high. Don't really like it when I'm sober either. Just something about a dude screaming into the mic doesn't seem that ear friendly.
  12. if you mean screamo music then yes i love it even when im not high

    i will admit some total hardcore songs are horrible but i like the lyrics of a lot of the songs

    there's actual meanin behind the lyrics unlike hiphop and rap songs which usually just talk about sex and drugs

  13. Try some Killswitch next time you're baked...:metal:
  14. I'm not into the whole hardcore scene but I love death metal when I'm baked. The vocals seem to be what usually turns someone off to metal and hardcore. Once I accepted them, metal became one of the most important things in my life haha.
  15. lolz @ "screaming music"

  16. That's exactly what I was saying, hence the quotations. Sorry for the misunderstanding.

  17. Ooooo, my apologies lad :eek::D
  18. ok w/e man if u think atreyu and it dies today is shit then you must be smokin crack. And don't call it shit because i happen to like those bands a lot and that is your opinion and you know what your not always right,
  19. Hell yea my friend:metal:

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