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  1. Any guesses at what its like? Like.. just shutting down.. and making that transition from alive to dead.. :confused:
  2. first post.

    obvious troll is obvious.
  3. [​IMG]

    Death is all around you, your heart could skip a beat and boom, your sleepin with death.
  4. I figure it's like being given anesthesia. You just peacefully fade to black and lose all senses.
  5. Dying aint bad actually, I've done it a few times.
    A very relaxing calm comes over you when you realize its about to end, and you just understand everything

    your soul leaves your body and you have decisions on what you would like to do, you only have so many decisions based on factors like were you a good person, an honest person ect

    some are doomed to roam the earth as spirits, some choose to rest peacefully , I chose to be reincarnated.
  6. Mass dose of DMT then your ejaculated from your body into a higher dimension, yes... ejaculated.
  7. I think its a lot like before you were ever born..
  8. It's not bad unless you fight it, nobody can tell for sure what your final trip will be like, but if you don't accept it shit will get ugly..

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