death of a bubbler

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  1. Well guys, I lost someone very close to me tonight. A very special friend. He had a very..bubbly...personality. Also, was very colorful. So here is to Jack. RIP Jack the Ripper.

  2. RIP!

    Make sure u have a proper scrapping of that resin.
  3. Of course. His last gift to the world :p
  4. Noooooooo!!
  5. I grieve with thee
  6. Bubbly go bye-bye :(
  7. Rip Jack happens to the bbest of us
  8. Indeed it does

  9. That is so foul.
  10. Please do not do this. Also Rip
  11. Why couldn't it be me lord !? Whyyy !?
  12. theres glass shards in that resin.. I wouldn't smoke it
  13. its the white bic! stop buying white bics=no more broken glass. rip friend!
  14. Ouch OP that sucks. RIP poor little bubbler.

    I have a new bubbler that my girl got me like 4 months ago. I've already had it drop off the edge of my desk twice. I know it's only a matter of time....
  15. Lol Jack the Ripper, that's brilliant.

    ...Uh anyway...
    RIP jack

    Sorry for you loss, jack seemed magnificent
  16. What's wrong with resin? I run into a lot of this on this site. My roommate is 57 years old and he has been scrapping resin since he can remember! It's stoner tradition!
  17. But it's a "The Who" lighter!

  18. Way worse health wise, also comes off as a bit desperate IMO
  19. I see it as wasting. Probably sounds silly, but it would seem disrespectful to the peice if I wasted it.

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