Death Metalers?

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  1. Who here has this obscure taste in music? i find it really enjoyable to play stoned as well haha.
  2. viel of maya and as blood runs black.
  3. Been practicing death metal vocals for my band recently. I love all types of metal, and singing it is so much fun. It's awesome when you practice and practice then get that perfect gutteral growl that sounds soo horrifficly evil you can't help but smile.
  4. Veil of Maya is sick. ABRB is ok.

    Listening to some Vader right now.

    Death Metal ftw.
  5. Any link to your band?
  6. Nah, not yet . We're still trying to find a kick ass drummer.
  7. Damn dude. Well, good luck on finding one.

    What kind of sound are you guys trying to go for?
  8. About to download the files right now.

    Yeah, I'm a huge fan of Florida death metal. Cannibal Corpse, Hate Eternal, Path of Possession, all of that shit is good.
  9. lemme know what you think.
  10. Dude, both sound really fucking sick.
    I love the blasts on butthole.
    New Song Solo is really fucking good too.

    You got talent man.
  11. Everything for metallllll!
  12. Oh and the solo in New Song Solo was really fucking good.
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    Somthing completely new. We have a Punk guitarist, classic rock bassist and heavy metal singer lol. we're trying to get the best sound possible while still satisfying everyones taste. We will probably end up being like a crossover between DevilDriver Motley Crue and RATM. If that's imagenable.
  14. winds of plague ftw!!!

  15. I didn't know people outside of Cali knew about these guys. My old band played a show with them on their "Common Man's Collapse" release tour. Also, the drummer of a band I used to be in toured with ABRB as their fill-in drummer for 2-3 tours last year.
  16. Haha Yeah man. Veil of Maya came here a year and a half ago? Maybe a bit longer back, but, I'm not sure atm. They were fucking sick.
  17. Haha No offense man, but, Winds of Plague is terrible. I've seen them a few times, and they put on a good show (stage performance, not talent) but, I can't stand to listen to them.

    Your from Canada, you listen to Despised Icon or Beneath the Massacre?
  18. Epitome of death metal.

    [ame=]YouTube - Bloodbath - Intro/Cancer Of The Soul (live)[/ame]
  19. Just picked up Despised Icon's newest album this afternoon. It's decent, glad they got rid of the fucking pig squeals.

    As for death metal, I'm not the biggest fan. After The Burial, Meshuggah, Heaven Shall Burn, A Different Breed of Killer, Converge, etc.

    Those are about as death metal as I get. I'm sure that's a lie, in fact, I know it is, but those are the names rising to my head.

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