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Death letter in stash jar

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by MattttG3, May 31, 2009.

  1. I got was cleaning my stash spot and its in a safe. i realized that if i ever allowed someone to somehow gain access to it, they would immediately think i was doing multiple drugs and unstable. that however is not the case at all, my drug use has only expanded my mind and allowed a more clear perception of how and why i am here.

    i got high 5 minutes after and thought if i died anyday, then i am sure someone would eventually stumble upon it and open it to their surprise to find that i not only smoke weed, but do some salvia here and there, make weed pills which takes a sringe to inject them(so i would look like a hard drug user), and i have some pills that i use for rec use now and then. plus countless other appartus.

    what i am saying is i am very set upon writing a letter to put in my stash jar and that way, it will adress the person that they most likely are reading this when i am dead and explain that the sringe isnt for shooting up, but for useing with marijuana and that they should not ever get upset for allowing me to keep my stuff freely here and all that jazz. i mean i feel that someone opening this when i am deceased would feel i am needing this stuff or idk, they will just overreact and i want to reasure them it was the best descion a parent can make.

    has anyone done this or even thought about doing it? of course there is some risks in some circumstance but i think i am safe that a cop wont get it and see my sig at the bottom hahaha. thanks for reading if anyone actually did haha. god bless

    ( ps: i live with my parents, and they know i smoke and are allright with me making my own decisions so i freely smoke. i have confidence they wont go through my safe while i am alive as they know my full position on drugs and what ones that fuck you up and what ones are ok occasional, marijuana daily :D.)
  2. Oooo i wouldnt do that, thats some bad juju
  3. Pretty interesting to think about. I commend you on making an entertaining thread.

    I've neither done this nor though about doing this. Of course someone would eventually stumble upon my possessions if I were to die, but it never occurred to me that what they find may change their views on me, and I would be unable to justify everything.

    For you... you might as well. But I wouldn't set the theme of the note to be based on your death. I would set it to a general theme; Something that explains the use of everything. Something that would also explain your motivations and reasoning. That way it is useful no matter when someone stumbles upon it.
  4. bad juju? if anything its confronting death and as far as i know, the ones that die randomly are never the ones who confront it.

    glitterpaws very good point, just incase something happens and i am awkwardly alive haha.
  5. go for it bro... sounds like a good idea... wouldnt want them thinking you were into heroin or anything... chances are you wont ever even need that letter you know... but what its gonnna hurt?
  6. I support you OP, I find it weird that more people aren't ok with death. It can happen at any time and people need to realize this, and without being irrational, have some sort of plan or thoughts about it. You should definitely write that letter if you feel that you need to, I'd say it is a very personal decision to make. But it seems like a good idea pertaining to your situation.

    edit: glitterpaws post actually makes the most sense, and it completely avoids the possibility of a dark toned letter.
  7. I think it is a very good idea.
  8. Err how do you use a syringe with marijuana? Just curious
  9. if u rents find it while ur alive thell think ur a lil paranoid from the weed

    but its either that or thell remember you forever as a heroin user

    i say do it :D
  10. injecting weed pills? hmm....
  11. you dont expect your parents to die first.....just sayin...

  12. He injected THC into the pills, is what he means.
  13. I have a friend named juju lol wat does that mean?

  14. You inject THC with a syringe?

  15. well its quite possible. but the one thing i have learned from life is you should expect the unexpected. sure they could die any second, but i can too. every 4 seconds a person dies, and i just want my parents to have full closure that all my antics were not harmful to myself.
  16. whoever found the stash could just smell everything and kno it was weed

  17. Pretty sure he injects the pills with his extract or whatever.
  18. OP, would you please expand on what you said about injecting thc into a pill? i'm trying to figure out what your doing with that, but i'm at a loss.
    are you injecting BHO into a capsule or something? or just hash oil? i know i'm not the only one who's curious lol.

  19. completely correct.

    i make oil and weed mixture, cook it for a 2 hours at 275 in the oven. take out, immediatly put in freezee, then eventually reheat it for an hour on 250 and then put back in freezer.

    eventually i get it cooked again but only to a melting point. i then use a filter to sepreate weed with oil. makes about 15 pills.

    the sringe is the best thing to use or getting the oil in the capsules is a bitch and you waste alot on your hands and elsewhere haha.

    and its not a sringe with a needle in it, the needle is disconnected but i dont want my parents to think i hid the needles with my other "hard drugs" that i might use.

    i just want my parents to be proud of me, because i feel they should be, and i want them to be proud of themselves for allowing me to spirtually connect with my physical being and bring all who i am and have needed to be to life.
  20. juju........its kind of like Karma.

    I personally use the word Juju to refer to marijuana itself. Kind of a funny way of referring to it.

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