Death Cab For Cutie

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  1. Man, Gotta be summa my favourite music to listen to. Here is the tracks I have of them

    Bixby Canyon Bridge
    I Will Possess Your Heart
    Marching Bands of Manhattan
    I Will Follow You into The Dark
    Death of an interior decorator
    A Movie Script Ending.

    Any death cab fans, like what I got? Any suggestions of really awesome tripp-tastic songs?
  2. i will posses your heart made me respect death cab a lot more

    i love that song!!
  3. The intro is pretty cool.

    I love Death Cab for Cutie.
  4. Soul Meets Body ftw
  5. I love Death Cab so so much...Ben Gibbard is one of my music loves!

    Their cover of the Secret Stars song Wait is one of my favourite (cover) songs...the line "I don't know much about you...not that I want to" gets my every single time I listen to the song.

    I'd have to say that Something About Airplanes is my overall favourite's one of those discs that I throw in, not skip a single song, and love every moment of it. As for favourite songs, I'd have to say Technicolor Girls, We Looked Like Giants, For What Reason, Sleep Spent, Styrofoam Plates, I Was a Kaleidoscope, and Brothers on a Hotel Bed.
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    Death cab is a great band. I love the postal service too. I haven't heard the past two death cab albums, but I absolutely love all their older stuff. I used to listen to them on repeat all day. His voice is amazing, and he's a great performer too. (lead singer, I forget his name.)

  7. I thought "Iron and Wine" was a Postal Service song? Hmmm...
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    Wait, you're right. yeah, sorry i'm :smoking:
  9. dude, Death Cab is the SHIT!!! I especially love listening to them when I'm stoned. Soul Meets Body especially. Just something about that melody in the chorus lakdjfl;adjkf fuckin love it!
  10. Iron & Wine isn't a Postal Service song. It's the performing and recording name of Samuel Beam. Iron & Wine covered ONE Postal Service Track ("Such Great Heights").

    I'd recommend listening to Iron & Wine, btw. Great shit.

    DCFC's Best album has to be Transatlanticism.
  11. Death Cab's really good shit to play on acoustic when you're just chillin out, feel good
  12. bump for how awesome they are.

    and hopefully i get to see them in Munich on Nov. 21st.

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