Death by Kitchen Scissors

Discussion in 'General' started by RMJL, May 20, 2004.

  1. Ok....2nd death, actually. 1st death by freezing.

    I'm all high and shit and decided to feed my snakes. My female has become a lazy eater so I have to freeze my mice and then thaw them before they get to eat. So, I assumed (ass outta u and me...I know, Critter)....I assumed that since they have been so cool eating together before that they would be this time. I give my female her's and she strikes and coils around it and then the male jumped on his even quicker. Everything is cool. They both get the 1st ones down. I give my male his second one and then spend about 2 minutes getting my female to take hers...she finally does. They're both cool and eating.....I take my dog and a bowl outside for a few minutes because the snakes will take their time on these. Yeah, right. I come back inside and my female has the ass end of my males mouse in her mouth and the male has the head in his....I wigged out. I tried to pull them one was letting go. It's been known for a snake to consume another if it latches onto the others prey. They weren't giving up. I did the only thing I could do......................I ran and got my best kitchen scissors............the one's I cut up chicken and stuff with and......................UGH! I cut the mouse in half. :(

    I am traumatized. That was the grossest thing I've done. Stuff squirted from it. Green stuff, too. It was awful. I was so mad at my girl. It totally fucked up my high, too. It intensified it to a point and then was gone.

    Ewww, just posting it about it makes me need to get high.....always gotta have a reason. LOL!

    I learned yesterday that ice cold water might have done the trick and made them both let way worked though.

    Enjoy your highs, guys! It's late....I worked a little over 12 hours and I'm gonna keep on toking just because. :D
  2. eww, that sucks. What kind of snakes do you have? I had a ball python when I was a kid, they're so much fun.
  3. omg i can't believe u did that! i'd a freaked. probly why i don't have any snakes for pets! that's def. a story to smoke too:)!
  4. ewww. that's disgusting. haha

  5. The 2 I have now are ball pythons. I've had about 13 or more snakes at once. Kingsnakes, milksnakes, boas....there were others. I was once deathly afraid of them. Now, it's only spiders that wig me out.

    I'm forgetting to get more high...I've got to get on that right now.
  6. .rotflmao.:D

    even told mrs critter .
  7. *Shutters* I cant stand snakes or spiders. Dont know why, probably just fear of being bit. Plus, spiders are just creepy.
  8. Ice water, hot water, and alcohol should make them release the prey. I've always wanted a pet snake, but my wife probably wouldn't go for it. She was on the toilet one day when a rat snake came out from under the vanity and literally scared the piss out of her.
  9. lol alcohol, because they'd much rather have a chilled brew than a mouse. :D

    make mine a double ;)

    hell, free alcohol for everyone!!!!
    sorry i am extremely stoned :smoke:
  10. thats pretty damn nasty but it kinda made me laugh.
  11. Gross i can just picture it. Sound effects and all. (if there werent any i still imageined them). But you have to do what you have to do. Ive seen on the nature channel snakes consuming each other. Gross. :)
  12. HIGH All, *LOL* sorry for laughing RMJL...but you got to admit it's pretty funny. Good thinking on grabbing the scissors!!
  13. ewwww feck all that. if those were my snakes, one of them woulda been meetin its maker i guess. lol. i don't fear snakes.. spiders are cool.. as long as they aren't on me, and they aren't of the jumping variety.. one thing though i bet would have me leavin the room like a lil girl.. "gather around folks, i'ma cut the mouse in half with some scissors" and i bet it wasn't just one clean *SNIP*..
  14. lol...this is why i stick with dogs
  15. i used to have a ball python named chuck. i miss him. good thinkin, i woulda just said 'fuck it' then called over my neighbors to come watch my snakes eat each other.

  16. LOL, and charge admission?
  17. Thanks, HB! :rolleyes: Now I'm thinking about spiders. I was sitting in this very spot a few months ago and I spotted something on my shoulder and turned my head, looked.....SCREAMED! JUMPED UP and RIPPED my shirt was a monster of a spider. Motherfucker. My skin's crawling now. You're in trouble!!! ;) I hope a spider creepy crawls on you tonight!!!

  18. hahaha i gots a spider farm growin right outside my screen door i seen like 50 spiders today im about to bust out my weed whacker or somethin on
  19. just have to keep talking about spiders. That's just hateful. :(

    :::: there will be a spider near you when you awake in the morning ::::

    That kind of karma's going to bite me in the ass....or a spider I take that back. I hope there are no spiders near you for the next 10 days.

    :D Now, quit talking about spiders! I'm wigging out! :p
  20. Last night I felt something crawling on my leg when I was in bed...I freaked out and jumped. Turns out it was just a ladybug. Good thing I didn't kill it, those things are good luck.

    Haha, I know a funny spider story, though. My brother is one of those people who likes to pretend that he's not afraid of anything...except spiders, that is. He had plastic covering his window to save on heating costs and he hadn't messed with it in about a year or so. I looked over there and pointed out that there was a HUGE spider web nearly covering the entire window and the spider was nowhere in sight. He FLIPPED out and screamed like a little girl and made me clean it up. He wouldn't sleep in his room for nearly a week because he didn't know where the spider was, LOL.

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