Death--A dream or an end?

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  1. I've spent a lot of time trying to figure out plausible situations in which a heaven can exist. I'm an agnostic and a skeptic so my only hope for some sort of eternity are a few abstract scenarios that probably won't come to be. But lately I've been thinking about the space in between, a world that's neither life nor death, but still close to eternity.

    I believe the theory of Jacob's ladder states that when we die we don't go to heaven or fade off into nothingness, but instead our perception of time degrades at the same rate as the rest of our reality, therefore the more you slip away the less you can sense it. After a point you would reach a state of equilibrium between your percieved reality (based in your sense of time) and actual time. You wouldn't die, you would live forever in a dream like state suspended in frozen thought. If you're familiar with the theorized effects of a black hole on human perception then it's kind of like that.

    Here's an analogy: there are two points; where you're standing and where you're going. The thing is that on your way to where you're going you can only ever go half way each step, so no matter how many steps you take you would never reach your destination. A billion steps that take you half way from your current point to your destination would only take you somewhere around three-fourths of the way.

    This, sadly, is the closest thing to a heaven I can believe in while still maintaining my logic and sanity.
  2. so you're saying when our time of death comes our perception slows down until all we know is NOW is our time. We don't even realize "time" according to our own sense is slowing down? We just live our death forever? I dunno. Besides, that analogy, once an unsolvable idea is easily solved through calculus which gives a definite answer.
  3. Life is the dream...One from which most of us will never wake from.A few of us are awake but the majority of this world is vastly dreaming.The sad part is they dont even realize it.
  4. why is that hypnotoad?
  5. i think its a cycle......we get reincarnated into another embryo.....
  6. being catholic i was taught about purgatory, there is no immidiate heaven after death.. u go to purgatory after death and serve off ur sins so u can enter heaven but even then u must wait till jesus comes back and opens the gates of heaven and hell back up creating the last seperation of heaven and hell that is when becomes heaven, i believe u do not percieve how long u are waiting it just feels like a flash and ur in heaven after u die even tho it could of felt like millions of years to people that are alive
  7. ox38776,

    For so many reasons.Everything around us is merely an illusion,Its not really what it seems to be...and our thoughts influence our realities directly like a dream...If we think about something we draw it into happening...We dont realize what life is about...we dont realize that everything is merely an illusion and temporary...and so on.Its like the story of the Fool and The spoon.The fool sees a silver spoon and says it is a fish,the wise man sees a spoon and says it is a spoon but the enlightened/awakened man sees a spoon and says there is no spoon.Im refering to buddhism beliefs also.In the fact that buddha had basically said that we were all dreaming and did not realize that we were and alot of other various teachings in buddhism.My personal experiences has shown me that indeed life is a dream and the world merely an illusion.But thats merely my own opinion and my own lessons Ive learned.Others will most likely feel differently.To clarify I mean this the reality of this world isnt seen by the average person.They go about and do not realize how deep cause and effect runs.They do not realize how energy is always at work and responsible for everything.They also do not realize that mpost ifnnot all of their views are neavily biased and what they think they see something as isnt likely to be what it really is.We have so much hatred in this world toward people whop are exactly like ourselves but we fail to see the similarities and only see the differences.People go abotu not realizing every action they commit in front of another person molds that persons very life in subtle yet powerful ways...At times one kind word or sentence can save a person's very life and few see this.A kind word goes a very long way to a complete stranger and we simply dont realize how responsible we are for one another we go about dreaming and close off in an Illusory state of mind and being seeing illusions.We also fail to see that every,plant,animal and even rocks and inanimate items have energy and spirits.I hope I have explained well enough but Im not very good at explaining things.
  8. No Im not.Im explaining aspects of buddhism.The matrix stole most of the ideas from buddhism and a few from christianity.I study buddhism.
  9. I'm not precisely sure what you mean.
  10. I never heard of it being referred to as a "matrix" before but I understand what you mean.
  11. Im not sure what you mean but by logical assumption it means 'matrix' according to the sentence structure.

    It could refer to many things including the pineal gland which science says we get our need for a god from and need for religion from.

    Its also interesting to note that in yogic texts and most all religions that there is always a method which stimulates the pineal gland directly.Which then develops it more which then in turn reinforces religion.Especially in yogic texts where often times the goal is to stimulate the pineal gland and open up all the chakras leading up to the highest chakra being the chakra that governs the pineal gland.Upon doing this bliss is supposed to follow basically.Which is very interesting endocrinologically of course.( And yes thats actually a word) roflmao

    Only humans have a need to pray and worship.
  12. Thanks Grodaka. (ears perk up) Other social occasions?
  13. "Everything in the universe is just a small series of vibrations."

    To say everything in the universe is just a small series of vibrations is ignorant.It is like saying that all plants are made up of only leaves while ignoring the fact that there are stems,roots and flowers,etc as well. While it is true everything has a vibrational frequency it is one minor part of that object/being/etc.

    The most classic example of a vibrational frequency is the glass example,in which when you hit the same precise vibrational frequency the glass will shatter.The glass shatters because you disrupt its vibrational frequency which causes the glass to vibrate where as its frequency is otherwise represented as a steady line but when you hit its vibrational frequency it would be represented on a line as large hills and valleys the glass vibrate and glass isnt flexible enough to just bend with the vibrations and its bend beyond its capacity and snaps into pieces.

    Vibrational frequencies can be used to kill human beings or at the very least make them quite violently ill.The sonic gun invented a few years back or so proves this.When pointed at an individual they become very nauseated and they vomit repeatedly and incapacited by extreme ill feelings until the gun is taken of them or shut off.The effects are more than just being nauseated btw but thats just one of the most major effects

    .A gun could be created to shatter or disrupt just about anything in existence that one wanted to...BUT everything has a different frequnecy and one would have to create a different gun for each object or at the least create a gun with adjustable preset frequencies.

    We are at the very dawn of this tech. but I believe in future years(perhaps many many decades) it will take the place of bullets and guns.
  14. after nearly 50 years here l reckon its crap.we are fooled into thinking what they want us to think.Buy what we are told to buy.thats it.when ya dead ya dead .

    ain,t anyone l,ve ever known come back to say hello.

    and fuck war while l,am at it ,lol.
    protect your land to the last man against invaders.

    and never be the invader....................
  15. I know.But I was referring to reality.That type of gun is the natural progression from the sonic gun already created. :p

    And the tech I'm talking about doesnt quite work the same way as what you have in mind.Its different by enough.
  16. Could you guys try to stay on topic please? It's okay to veer off in your own direction but you're hijacking every other thread in s/p.

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