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  1. As much as I love how pretty green and strong you've grown, I am becoming increasingly concerned about your height. <3\tMom

    One Sage
    One Kushage ( Both 60% Sativa I think, if I remember right)
    One 150w Hps
    Five T5's
    Gh Lucas formula
    Bud Candy
    Ph 5.8
    Ppm 1050
    Reservoir 6 gallons
    One intake one exhaust fans
    Air pump
    Air stone w/smaller pump
    In a grow tent with about 5 1/2ft high.

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  2. They grow up to like 5 1/2 ft. I've done some lst but now they are flowering and I'm not sure if will stress em.
  3. Any one who has experience with this type? Any advice about the height problem? (I obviously will do better strain research next time)
  4. Yo! Usually height means she is reachng for light. Sounds like you have plent of it keep the T-5 close to the plant. The HPs puts out a lot of heat so keep it away from burning the buds. Other than that it looks great...................Herb
  5. Thanks. I've actually had to move both sets of lights up daily. They are close as possible. I'm just screwed.
  6. They quit going up & are now just crazy fat!

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