Dear long distance relationships

Discussion in 'General' started by WeedSlayer, Aug 3, 2012.

  1. Well tonight marked my messed up night. I should start by saying me and this girl have had a long distance relationship for about well id say six months. Tonight I got super stressed out about this weekend between babysitting tomorrow at 6 in the morning and house watching another place and working at a pet store I started recently. So being stressed I wasn't texting people and making calls.

    My "girl" gets pissed and I apologize when I begin laying down for the night. She tells me another guy asked her out and he picked her, her favorite daisies and did it at the spot they first met. She seemed really happy I almost balled my eyes out then realized if she's happy I am. We are young and have so much to look forward to. He sounds like a great guy and she's going crazy with the texts she's sending saying it's great how im being like a best friend she can say anything to.

    Soo I guess it's my turn. Im starting a new school this year in Pittsburgh so ill have a fresh start. All im saying for long distance people STAY THE FUCK OUT OF THEM. Your emotions get flowing and could take a turn for the worst. My depression came out as soon as she told me and I took my prescription and put a handful in my mouth (enough to OD) then ran to the toilet and spit them out. I love life more then I love that girl. Sooo maybe I'll meet a new girl at the Wiz khalifa and mac miller concert tomorrow?

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