Dear life....

Discussion in 'General' started by Smokentoke420, Sep 23, 2007.

  1. ... you disappoint me.


    Suck it easy, beezie
  2. Is it all life that disappoints you, or just your own?

    Don't get yourself down man, just take shit as it comes and let your life happen. Don't be pissed when shit doesn't always go your way because no one ever knows how somethings gonna turn out, just it is what it is.

    peace bro
  3. Life all together. jus hate, betrayal, and pure fucking ignorance.

    People are so stupid sometimes, I just cannot stand it.
  4. Heard dat.

    Ive been crossing homies off the list for years, 100's over the years. Now down to maybe 5. Dude i trusted and was doen turned his back and i found out through a different homie of mine. Dude started chillin with both our enemie. Dude got ripped by our enemy for 4 bills. And dude fucked me aswell.

    But we both had beef with this cat, And now hes chillin with him like its all good.

    Fuckin dumb shit, FUck 2 faced people, Honestly jus wanna say fuck em all anymore.
  5. hey mang dont let that get you down. remembered what we talked about b4. hit it up and relax bro.

  6. I've done the same thing. I have about 6 real friends after the 100's used me.
  7. Yeh, people suck bro. But, you can't let it get you down. Doors in your life will open many new and amazing opportunities. What many won't tell you is that doors BEHIND you may close. Even stable joys in your life can dissapear. It's all about how you react Bro.

    We know you'll pull through. Hell, I'll drag you myself if need be :D. You're an awesome guy. Someone gave you a second chance in life, use it to the fullest Homie.
  8. Smoke, you survived an OD. treats you very well. :)

    Be happy for everyday you have.
  9. i heard ya i just crossed off a good friend recently... motherfucker i trusted his ass too
  10. What he said bro,
    me on the other hand is left without the LSD I've been looking forward to the past 2 weeks.

    Friends can be such fuckheads sometimes, ugh.

    *At least I have The White Album to listen to.
  11. betrayl i kno where your comin from....i got fucked over real bad but justice will be served:devious:
  12. Life's rough, buttercup. Accept it and find happiness where you can.
  13. Stay up smoken, chu already know my duke. Life dont always look nice but you gotta keep going. I got some BS going on in my life too but i just try not to let it get to me,lets just take a phat rip and be EZ dog. Take care pha sho. Im glad at the fact it raining shit, bout to head out to the homies in a while and post up at his crib, hope u got some coo plans going on for today too dog.
  14. that's really good advice, get's me through rough times
  15. I love that album :D

    But yeah smokentoke, I would reccomend you roast a bowl to relax, put on some huge retro headphones and listen to your favourite album, or set of songs. It always helps me through some tough shit.
  16. You know, lately I've been thinking that life would be better if I didn't survive that O.D. everything is basically going downhill, at a very fast speed. When I need to talk, people don't respond. Grasscity responds, but sometimes, you need someone to help you out, with a nice talk, in person. You know? Not that I don't appriciate you guys, because I do, ALOT, but sometimes people need to see the people, and be able to touch the people, to see that they are, in fact, real.
  17. Life is basically cycles,sometimes your up sometimes your down,50/50 yin and yang some call it.

    I was pissed off earlier too(long story off how my useless stepdad did not reimburse me for buying pizza for his daughter's sleepover),but like Mariah C said you gotta shake it off.

    Yeah I know sometimes it feels like glue,then wipe it off you dig,just don't bitch now cause you enjoyed yourslef and now it's time to recieve your 50% off YOUR pain,take it like A MAN.
  18. I am a man, but I aint gay, so I don't "take it" lol.

    Nah dogg, if you looks at my ying yang, it's basically all bad wiut VERY lil good. I'd say about 15% is good while 85% is bad. all the good is when im drugged up, so i dont have to deal with the pain. So yeah, guess it's time to dose up?
  19. Ya Life is all about the ups and downs. Right now im at the bottom of another cliff(hopefully). You just gotta live threw the bad times cause the good times will come again sometime or another.
  20. ATTENTION : NvM I'm happy now :p

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