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    I would like to know, what about a guy catches your eye. Either a crowded chaotic party, or a relaxed chill environment, maybe even just walking down the street.
    I am not talking about how us guys dress, im talking about attitude wise. I mean, i am sure i could think of list of things off the top of my head that females like.. but its the stuff that i cant come up with i would like to see.

    Also, what do you ladies out there think of snakebite piercings, im thinking about getting mine redone.:rolleyes:
  2. well i go either 2 ways.
    my heart probably tells me i like the guy who walks into a party and talks to everybody as he enters. tattoos, piercings, big 80's hair. ahah.
    BUT on the other hand, the shy guys, who walk in and nobody acknowlodges them. Ones who can make you giggle and think they're cute by being so quiet.

    And, as for snakebites, they're alright but seriously depends on what kind of guy you are.
    I had mine done years ago, got them done again recently though.
  3. someone who's confident, likes to have fun, has a good sense of humor.. but i'd say confidence is the most important thing! even if you're just faking it.. haha- confidence goes a loong way!
  4. Don't get your snakebites back in. I myself (a male) had mine for about 5 years. It fucking sucked nuts. Now I'm stuck with my gauged ears and tattoos.

    I'm not a girl so no advice but ^^^^^ from me.:smoke:
  5. haha alright i gotcha ;]!

    haha thanks yo, any advice is appreciated:smoking:

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