Dear Gym Rats, Supplements?

Discussion in 'General' started by HoosierIVXX, Aug 20, 2008.

  1. I know there are a bunch of gym rats out here...

    Out of curiosity what supplements do you guys use?

    My Current Stack:

    Universal Shock Therapy (NO Booster)
    Universal Storm (Creatine Matrix)
    ON Nitro 24 Protein

    I think it works pretty well, and really cost effective, all of that runs me around 75$ a month.
  2. no xplod and gnc brand protein.

    thats all i need.
  3. man all u need is a multi and whey if anything.....the more shit u use the more muscle mass ur gonna lose once ur off all of that stuff. food is the primary supplement, 5-7 meals a day

  4. biggest myth out there.

    unless youre talking about anabolic steroids,

    no one automatically deflates as soon as they stop taking supplements.

    you might lose a "little" if you are using vascular pumps and such,

    but to say that your muscles are just gonna melt away when you stop taking a nitrous or protein is ridiculous.
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    i have taken many supplements in my day, and trust me when i say i am right. go ahead and do a cycle of creatine, then get off of it and see how much size u lose. not only water weight, but muscle mass also. seriously, i have been deep in the bodybuilding game for almost 6 years now.

    edit- i didnt say if u stop taking a protein shake you will lose mass......any extra amount of protein from food can supplement that. i am talking about supplements such as NO2, creatine, test. boosters, etc. i said all u really need is whey and a multi vitamin
  6. I never really seriously used creatine until this past year, and I can tell you, the difference is outrageous. My lifts skyrocketed, my muscles hardened, and it didn't go away if I'd stop for a week or two. If you're taking just straight Creatine Mono things are a little different, but a nice creatine blend avoids all those shortcomings.
  7. what do u mean things a little different with mono?

    i find that with mono i get more bloated than with CEE....CEE is a great product but pretty expensive. mono does the job
  8. well i guess im just a freak then.

    cuz when i cant afford to re-up on my creatine i dont lose muscle mass.

    and more importantly,

    i dont know of anyone who loses their strength gains from not taking supplements.

  9. so you are telling me that when you are off creatine, you dont notice a difference in your body? then why take it in the first place? also, strength and size are 2 different things. and yes, every i know that has taken creatine loses strength when they are off of it.

  10. wait what?

    it definitely helps me, my peak or "stopping point" is furthered when i take it.

    im just saying that when i skip a month or two, i dont have to lower my weight reps simply because im not taking it.

    my strength gains stay the same and continue to develop unless i stop working out, creatine just gives me an extra boost.

    and i dont know any person who has gone down in weight reps simply because they stopped taking creatine.

    now if they stop taking creatine and stop working out for a couple weeks, yea i could see that.

  11. I never lose any strength, maybe a little bit of size, but far less than what I'd actually gained from them.

    Scooby, you should look into my NO/Creatine stack. 80 servings of Creatine and 50 of NO for the same price as one tub of NO-Explode.

    I buy em off of, best prices for sure, and theres always some coupons (10% off) to use on top of it.

  12. well essentially creatine increases the amount of ATP (adnosine triphosphate) in your body which causes less lactic acid to build up in your muscles (the burning/ fatigue in your muscles), therefore when u feel less fatigue in your muscles you are able to move more weight. so once all that creatine is out of ur system ur "supposed" to feel more fatigue than when you are on it. i dunno though, maybe you are a freak
  13. word i appreciate it.

    my favorite creatine mix was trac 3, worked the best for me.

    but im just gonna stick to mainly nitrous and protein,

    because of the adverse sexual effects i experience from creatine.

  14. Eek.

    There's the coupon thread. Ive always wanted to try Size-On or Green Mag, but for right now Storm works just fine. The Shock Therapy also has 3g of Creatine Matrix in it. Universal guarantees all their products and you can always get your money back if the creatine causes you, um, problems.
  15. Creatine speeds up hair loss, I would stay away from that, I dabbled in that for football and now got somewhat of a receding hair line.
  16. If you were THAT deep in the bodybuilding game i find it funny you are a member here.

    Anyways I use whey concentrate from You can buy it by the pound, its pretty cheap and i known im getting quality protein.

  17. Considering that creatine comes from red meat, the logic that too much red meat will cause hair loss seems like a stretch/myth.

    Now, overdoing the multi-vitamins WILL do so.

  18. lol....i mean i can still love the herb while taking care of my body. smoking weed and working out are a couple of my favorite things man.

    i actually miscalculated, its been about 7-8 years since lifting weights and only 3 for smoking weed

  19. Arnold used to blaze all the time.
  20. Real bodybuilders dont smoke weed

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