dear gc, stop buying water bottles.

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  1. this is the story of bottled water. thoughts?
    [ame=]‪The Story of Bottled Water (2010)‬‏ - YouTube[/ame]
  2. i shall still consume water from bottles.
  3. I buy as many water bottles as I can so I can twist them and turn the top off like a cannon.
  4. There are worse things than bottle water.

  5. Don't get me wrong, I think choosing to buy cases of bottled water per month is pretty damned lame.

    But I'm still gonna buy the occasional bottle of water. :p

    If I'm going up camping, I'm going to buy a cheap case of bottled water. If I'm going for a hike and don't have a water bottle, I'm gonna stop at the store and get a bottle of water. If I'm out somewhere and want some water and there's a machine nearby, I'm gonna grab a bottle.

    I think using bottled water as a replacement for tap water is kinda silly. But there's nothing wrong with buying a bottle when you want some water and it's the most accessible way to get it. ;)
  6. I dont buy bottled water, why pay more? we have awesome water in the aqueduct/water pipelines :)

  7. I taste no difference between tap water and bottled water. If I do buy bottled water, I but it for the bottle so I can refill it.
  8. Are none of you aware of just how damaging all that plastic is for the earth and its oceans? Ever consider using a refillable canteen?

    I guess ignorance is bliss, and water bottles are easiest, how sad.
  9. I've been using the same water bottle now for about 2 months.

  10. Good.
  11. Fine then I will get my water in a can lul, jk

    But I normally use the same water bottle for like a week or two then toss it out cause it bugs me :(
  12. the tap water in DC is straight up DISGUSTING. it's not so bad down here in Charlottesville.

    That said, I use one of those Brita pitchers, and just refill my nalgene bottle as needed. The Brita makes the tap water taste less of chlorine.

    That said, if you are buying cases of bottled water, please recycle!
  13. I like it because i can throw a few cold bottles of water on my backpack when i go somewhere, and drink it when i need it, one time i was stuck out in the woods and i was really dehydrated and had to drink out of this creek because thats all there was... I never got sick opr anything, haha...
  14. And imcould but two cases of bottled water for one reusible water bottle, or else id buy three or four of them...
  15. Its unfortunate that bottled water almost has to be bought in lots of parts of Pennsylvania. Hydro-fracking (a new way of extracting Natural Gas from the shale) Is causing entire towns water to become contaminated with it. Note the video of flaming water above.
  16. I only buy flats of bottled water because the refund i get from recycling all goes toward growing/smoking supplys :D
  17. I am very luck about where I live. A short drive gets us to the headwaters of the Sacramento River. We fill our water jugs there about once a week and my son gets his brewing water from there, too. (He brews his own beer- and it is quite good!)

    Our well water varies in flavor, and I prefer the spring water.

    Granny :wave:
  18. That was a great video OP! I don't buy bottle water because it is expansive, that why me and my mom go to the water store and get a gallon of clean, delicious, water for 25 cents. And we reuse the bottles of course. When I go out on trash night to trash drive for recyclables, the bulk of what I get is plastic bottles. I get enough money to eat healthy for a week, which is around $25- $35 dollars:D

  19. I think doing stuff like that, should be done more... just a couple of days ago I saw a documentary of a guy who does that mainly on festivals.. he gets 900-1200$ in 3 days...
  20. The bottled water is worth it if I don't have to drink the flouridated water out of the tap. There's a reason the EPA classify's flouride as toxic waste.

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