Dear french swimmers.. if you're gonna talk shit about the US

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  2. I clicked that thread having in my the mind that i"ll comment on sports olympics etc...

    yeah i could have first thought sth like "uuhh..USA won.i didnt know..great:)" idk..

    but instead my first thought was something like

    o_O look at these /keep looking with the mouth semi-opened/

    Greg thank you...:)
    and also thank you for this...


    no left speechless...

    ********this thread should be on pandoras longwith cleavage..**
    *no..Im gonna add him to my list underneath Amaury ..*
  3. well I'm glad i could be helpful in some regards, Dali

    now prepare your basketball team to suffer at the hands of lebron james and kobe :hello:
  4. we're gonna see about that...:rolleyes::p
  5. I have a feeling the Men's B-ball team went a little easy on the Chinese guys, you wont see them be so nice from here on out.

    All the French lovers around here are getting their feelings hurt with these threads..."STRAP ONE ON & SUCK IT UP" or move your ass back to France.

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