Dear Christians.

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  1. I myself am not Catholic/Christian, and don't believe in religion, although I'm very spiritual.

    But to the point. Somewhere in the bible it say that the entire universe was made for us, and there is no aliens, no other life.

    What's gonna happen if aliens publicly announce themselves?

    Serious question
  2. I Thought it only stated over the Earth. He made the heavans and Earth but our dominance was only over the Earth (and skys). ? . ? :confused: :smoke:
  3. find that bible verse...

    I highly doubt it stated "aliens", doubt that was a word when the bible was written (or the multiple times) :wave:
  4. People might try to pass it off as their god trying to test their faith, or something of the sorts.
  5. Wasn't the literal quote.
  6. yeah, what they said.
    1- I doubt the bible says that
    2- If it does, and aliens show up, we'll hear more of the old "this particular verse that no longer makes sense wasn't meant to be taken literally, even though it totally was a week ago"
    Christians have a very 1984-esque way of changing their beliefs and acting like that's how it's always been anytime some inconvenient information comes about.

  7. Yeh maybe this is why the gov don't want us to know about aliens :confused:
  8. The catholic church doesnt doubt the existence of life beyond earth.
  9. Ehh, I'm not a christian or catholic, but I'm pretty sure the catholic church has come out and said they believe in life on other planets/the possibility of life on other planets.
  10. The bible say that the universe is soley inhibitied for men.

    Ever very religious catholic person I've met, doubts there exsitence.

    Besides, the creation story, created men. not any other species on any other planet
  11. Are you going to post the verse that has you believing this? Where do You feel that it states that? :rolleyes: :smoke:
  12. well who's to say that aliens aren't homo sapiens just like us, you never know where and how many worlds Man has made his home. I'm not christian by the way, im muslim, but all three Abrahamic religions have much in common :smoke:
  13. I suppose you have the Rick James version bible too? Err... I mean King James.
  14. if you could at least put the verse on here, a lot more could get accomplished

  15. Thats the old way of thinking. And I'm sure there are plenty of thos opus dei, and hard line catholics and christians who will say there is no possibility of gods.

    But the catholic scholars, the church, and this new pope has said the catholic church agrees there can be life on other planets/thhe possiblity of other life.

    I know alot of other christian faiths are more open minded than catholics, so I wouldn't doubt they believe the same as well.

    Christian Theologians Prepare for Extraterrestrial Life
  16. I have a few problems with your statement:
    1. When you talk about the bible there is, even in a Christian bible the old testament which is Jewish. The Torah or old testament in Hebrew has a very different translation than the Christian old testament shows you...the problem? Some words in Hebrew just cant be translated or the translations are just wrong. Secondly every word in Hebrew, EVERY word has more than one meaning and a numerical value. This is why men spend their whole lives reading those five books, each time you read it a different meaning emerges. That being said:
    2. The Torah states that God created the universe and everything in it and controls everything in does not confirm or deny any any other life forms.
    3. As far as the new testament, I have read it several times and don't remember anything about creation in it, that being said...if the only statements about creation are in the old testament, they are not Christian but Jewish text that are poorly translated and that takes you back to point one.
  17. genisis 1:1 god created the heavens and earth
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    I believe the Catholic Church take the stance "We'll cross that bridge when we come to it."

    In the meantime they don't prohibit their followers from acknowledging the possibility of there being extraterrestrial life, but they don't encourage an actual belief in them, much like modern science.

    So they take an empirical stance on aliens; they'll believe it when they see it. If only they could take the same view on supernatural beings (God).

    Yet when faced with overwhelming evidence of evolution, the age of the universe, etc. they say it can't be. Hypocrites to the core (remember I'm referring to the institution, not necessarily its followers).

    skiibo hit the nail on the head here:

    Were aliens ever to visit us, the Pope and his cronies would have their slave boys stroke their beards until they came up with a way to fit aliens into their grand plan of universal evangelisation.

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  19. What's gonna happen? What always happens....They will find a way to make it some sort of test by "God" and continue to discredit science as they have been for hundreds of years
  20. Maybe "us" in the "made for us" is alluding to ALL of us , the entirety of creation, humans are pretty arrogant when it comes to not realizing that we are just one of the infinite facets of the universe. When will we just do our part and fit in instead of trying to usurp "special" status on the Earth? What are we meant to contribute to this existence? I can usually figure out what the purpose of other organisms is in this complex and closed system on this planet; what service are homo sapiens providing to the whole? If we dont figure it out and start fulfilling it, we will become purposeless and extinct. Why must we always be wanting to get instead of give?

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