dean of discipline slapped my cousin

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  1. So my cousin who is a senior at a private high school that i attended but graduated in 2009. They are pretty strict there, they have a lot of rules and are quick to give out detentions etc to students.

    My cousin who we can just call C from now on was definitely not a favorite of the deans and teachers at the school. they have previously accused him of selling weed at school even though he never has actually sold bud in his life.

    anyways, back to the story, last week they had a pep rally, and had a hypnotist come in for entertainment or w/e. Several students volunteered to be hypnotized, however the schooll is very biased towards particular students so it was really only like the student council and such that actually got picked, C and several other students got denied to be in the show so they decided to sit front row and try to get hypnotized anyways lol.

    so C was asleep, or hypnotized in the front row, along with at least 5 other kids. the dean decides that they should be woken up, so one teacher goes over and nudges the students. they wake up besides C who is still asleep.

    shortly after the dean walks over and decides to slap C across the face to wake him. Im not too sure of the laws these days but im pretty sure teachers arent allowed to touch students, never mind hit them.

    I was just curious as to what you guys thought, if he would be able to take any sort of action against the school/dean of students, or what have you.

    Also i would like to add that there is a perfectly clear video of the whole thing where you can hear the slap on his face from like 3-4 rows back in the audience. if i can get him to send me the vid ill post it for you guys lol its pretty funny
  2. Yah, I really don't believe that's legal. I'd take the video straight to the police lmao.
  3. Yeah sue his ass and get him fired you can't hit a kid
  4. I would have beaten the fuck out of someone who isn't in my family slapping me to wake me up.. The fuck? Get that idiot fired thats definitely illegal..

    You don't fucking slap a student ESPECIALLY if they were hypnotized and asleep lmao
  5. i would have been like:
  6. If i was your cousin i would have got up and slapped him back
  7. that's awesome. i wish teachers could still hit kids today.
  8. dude they can't legally do that shit

    Sue the fucket
  9. Yea teachers aren't allowed to put their hands on you unless they're defending themselves, and even that is a grey area.

    Show the video to his parents, send it to huffpost, go real hard about it. I hate when teachers think they can do wtf they want.
  10. sub'd cuz i wanna see this video ha
  11. That's illegal and you can easily sue them. SUE.
  12. wheres that video

    [ame=]FUCK DAT NIGGA BLACK AND G.T - YouTube[/ame]
  14. Good question...

    OP.. it's a private school. You know they've got money. And for a dean in a private school to slap a student.. a video like that has the potential to go viral....

    Let me just go get my popcorn...
  15. Or it might just be one of those videos that go on 'that' part of youtube lol
  16. Oh man I would sue the living shit out of that guy, not really for the money, but for revenge and to ruin his career.

  17. Skunky monkey seconds this :p
  18. What did your cousin do after she slapped him?
  19. we really want to sue, his dads being difficult about it though, but yeah i think its a good idea too. i know that they would settle for a reasonable amount just to not have this go public
  20. [​IMG]
    fuck that noise.

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