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Deals you had to walk away from.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Thorkgonsam, Nov 29, 2011.

  1. #1 Thorkgonsam, Nov 29, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: Nov 29, 2011
    Recently I arranged to buy of a dude that used to sell to me years ago, since then I got better reliable dealers but they were all preoccupied this saturday night. So I came to the deal ready to buy just a gram so I could get high tonight and buy more later with obvious better quality weed. So the dude directs me to the house and then directs me to his back yard where his crosseyed friend showed me some brass knuckles. and he comes out of his house with a baggy with the circumference of the end of a bic pen, but it was spherical atleast. I looked at it and first asked "Is this a gram?" and he said "sure I weighed it" when the dude told me a week ago he didn't have a scale. I then talk about how I am going to pass up on the offer and he starts saying "yeh" to everything I was saying... and then I handed him back the weed and he had a confused look on his face. I told him that wasn't a gram and he gave me my money back. The kid tried to rip me off, but atleast he wasn't a bitch about me calling him out on it and leaving.

    tl;dr - sketchy dude I know hands me a nug that had the circumference of the eraser on a pencil and I refused to pay for it and left.

    has this shit ever happened to you guys? or do you just not try and deal with people who do this kinda shit.
  2. Lmao, brass knuckles and he didn't do shit. Good for you for walking away from that bitch deal.
  3. in high school i was going to get a quarter of kb for 50, but the kid handed me a bag of mids, mostly shake that looked no more than 4 grams. i handed it back and told him i don't want it then walked away and got a half of mids from someone else
  4. Ugh, most of the time when I'm dry and call random friends, sometimes I end up going to some ghetto dude, who will present crappy looking bud no scale and wrapped in foil or paper. The moment I see his clothes I'll drive away.

    Ghetto dudes never have potent bud, maybe some dispensary kush. Everyone selling medical crap on the streets, wtf? What happened to good bud?
  5. yea not too long ago this super redneck dude calls me out to his place way out in bfe and says hes got this killer shit thats like the stuff i used to grow...I get out there and it's all stringy and airy looking like someone grew it under an incandescent or something and smelled like shit..I'm usually really mellow but I was pissed cause it was a good amount of gas to get there so I bitched him out bad and told him it was bullshit and he must be an idiot if he thought it was like my shit...I told him he fucked me out of gas and he actually gave me 5 bucks lol..sad thing is hes such a super hillbilly he probably did think it was bomb
  6. Lol he's a redneck hillbilly what do you expect? I kinda feel bad for him, he probably did believe it was dank, but his IQ is lower than 50 so he probably has a hard time telling the difference between good weed and bad weed. Some hillbillys can have good weed but most think schwaggy mexican dirt weed is "dank."
  7. i had this kid i used to buy off who was a complete E-tard and acid freak but always had dankness so id call him every now and again when no one else was around. last time i picked up from him, before he got busted, i got a quarter. went to the woods behind his house to meet him with my friend. as my friend and i are walking around and im fondling the bud in the bag in my pocket i just get this bad feeling thats off, not by much but still off. go back to my friends weigh and its off by .5 so i called the kid up and just started yelling at him until he just stopped defending himself. i should have fucking beat his ass for it and kept my money. . .but this kids brain is so melted from rolling itd be like beating a child. fuck dishonest drug dealers. its the worst part about cannabis being illegal; sometimes only the biggest scumbags have it
  8. was a summer night,i'm desperate for a lil weed, call an old mate, he says he got a g for me, i meet him up and the bitch shows up with like 0.4 - 0-5 and say's he'll do for 10 bucks lol, what a faggot

    had a lot of sketch people, usually i break people off for taking so long, you're the one who wants to make a profit, you should care bout your buyers not make them wait hours for some shitty stuff...
  9. i was in a pinch with a monkey on my back, some girl i kinda new said her boy could hook me up with dub. i get out there and he is like "ughhh, i got somthing i can give you for $7"
    i didnt even look at it i just said nah man and walked away

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