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  1. Well, I'm low in money, have an ounce, and could really use just a little bit of money... but I'm not really sure if I want to deal... I'm in High School.... a little afraid to get caught... but I know its not too hard to hide stuff from the school...

    Well, what I want to know is, anyone know any simple technique of hiding your stash? (say like 5 grams)

    People say I can just hang a bag from my belt inside my pants... which I know works.. but who wants to buy if they see me pull it out of my crotch (though, I'm sure a lot will still buy.. but I still dont feel like grossing them out)


  2. oh, I also know theres a brand of shoes, with a pocket in their tongue... forgot the name of the brand, anyone know?
  3. no risk no money. keep it in your pocket.
    However you have to be a fool to deal at school. you deal at school you WILL get caught. you may be able to deal for a week a couple months but sooner then you think you WILL be caught. School dealers develop an untouchable attitude that always fucks them over in the end. If you ever listen to 1 thing i tell you, DONT DEAL AT SCHOOL. plus the penalty is higher if you get caught dealing at or near school.

    you can get customers from school just never bring it TO school. okay? stay safe man
  4. yeah, well, I've been bringing my pot to school for atleast 4 months. I do agree with what you are saying. Over time, i will get caught. Which is why I'm not dealing much, and only dealing to friends. I need to have my stuff on me, one way or another. I know if I hang it, when they search with me, theres no way they will find it. And if they dont find anything, they dont call the cops. I don't go home after school, and I smoke every day after school, so i do have it on me, and right now, I'm being pretty stupid, leaving it in my jacket pocket. I was thinkning about just making a pocket into one of the seams of my jacket.

    I'm sure some of you guys have your methods of hiding your stash... post them!

  5. yea when I deal to people i try and stay away from the school or any other place like that, i usually go to their house or occasionally they have to come to mine...but when im really in a bind and have to take a baggy with me, i have shoes that have a pocket in the tounge so i can put it in there.I get many compliments on the unique flavor my weed has, hehe, I think alot of shoes that have those now are the skate shoes(DC, Etnies etc. ) great idea.....kinda stereotypical for the makers to put druggy pockets in skate shoes.but oh well

    be careful, peace
  6. Hell, I don't know 'bout everywhere else but 'round here you're in major fucking shit if you sell within a thousand feet of a schoolyard in WI (yes I said a thousand feet... I think that means "if you live in suburbia and we find you with pot we will fuck you as hard as we possibly can" show me an established town that has more than a haldful of houses outside of a thousand feet distance of all schools)... your penalty can be "enhanced" to quite extreme measures. Don't sell at school, or anywhere near school. If your buddies can't wait to get their stash after the bell rings, what's wrong with them?

    As for hiding your stash, I like stash hats... but don't be an idiot and get one with references to pot on them, it may be cooler but it's also more suspicious. But there's no need for killer low-key if you're smart about who you sell to, and where you sell. If you're out in the open, selling to people you don't know and can't trust... then you're bound to fuck yourself. If you're having to go that covert... you're obviously in an unsafe situation... think about it.
  7. Well, theres tons of dealers in my town, and a few have gotten caught.. all got out on community service (and thats from being caught in school, or right netxt to school). I need to be able to deal in school, because thats the time most peole want the stuff... for their off periods, and lunch breaks.. I mean, I smoke eevery lunch break too. It's a common thing here, and well, thats the only way I'll make anything form dealing. I really wish I knew where to get those stash shoes though... looked at modells and shit, didn't see any.
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  9. pants look cool.. but can't wear the same pants to school every day, heh. Would be good once a week or so.
  10. They come in lots of different colors, just go to hot topic or zumies.

    But do be careful, I just got expelled from school two weeks ago. I got back in, but it wasn't easy, or fun. And now I can't smoke bud for two months, and it sucks really fuckin' hard, so be VERY careful.
  11. give us a post when you get caught right! It only takes 1 rat to overhear you in the next stall of the bathroom. Or one enemy to hear from another friend. I don't care where you hide it on your body the dogs will sniff it out. There is most likely at least 1 K-9 unit in your town. Don't think the cops won't bother especially if there have already been people caught in your school.
    Just a word from a fatguy, and if you cant trust a fat guy who can you trust?
  12. thye don't call the cops till they find it on you, and only when they find more then 1 bag, or 1 BIG bag. If they just catch you with a gram and a bowl, they suspend you.... thats how it is in my town atleast. Still, I sure hope I don't get caught, gotta get a pair of those shoes.. I know a few brands that have them, but I don't know any store around here I can buy them from... I'll have to keep looking around here.
  13. I got busted in my school with a bowl. There wasn't anything in it (i smoked it in the morning), and i got sent to a diffrent school, put on probation for a year, and had to do 20 hrs of comunity service. school sucks.

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