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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Freedom, Oct 8, 2007.

  1. Hi I've just started my first grow, closet grow, at the moment I've got 10 plants 3 weeks old and they are starting to smell real good. Problem is the other people living with me aren't as appreciative and have become quite paranoid about it in the past few days.

    Was wondering how I could deal with this problem. I've seen a lot about using ventilation systems with carbon filters but I was hoping to find something a little less elaborate. I've also heard something about a ether oil neutralizer but I can't find any info on this anywhere.

  2. use a carbon filter they work the best theres a topic on here how to make them
  3. Best not to grow with people who don't want it in their house. It's their house too.
  4. not only that, but anyone you live with can become a security risk. i worked with a guy who had is own small grow and when his room-mate became mad at the world one day, he dropped a dime on the guy.

    roomates suck bad enough without the possibility of them turning on you when they know you're involved in illegal activities or telling their friends who might like you even less.

    if you're still going to go through with it, carbon scrubbers are your best option. you can build one yourself for ALOT less than off the shelf units.

    one last option would be to use air ionizers which work great on odor but have two bad side effects...
    1. they work so well that they also remove all of your bud's flavor
    2. the general consensus is that ozone is bad for your health.

    either get a carbon scrubber or harvest now.
  5. "...starting to smell real good." LOL :)
  6. doesn't sound like your growroom is air tight even if you did install a carbon filter it sounds like you may need to do some more work.
  7. they also sell cfl's that ionize air :) The wattages on the bulbs wern't that great but its a nice addition.

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