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  1. Soo I'm a few weeks into a grow with ten plants (expecting a few oz yield) and I have a long ways to go obviously but I'm trying to plan ahead.  When I have to dry and cure I have some spots picked out but I won't be able to do it inside my house.. I have an outside shed and a storage unit that has some other shit in there with it. 
    The problem I don't know how bad the smell will be for hanging but also with doing it outside I fear the humidity will be to high in the north-east states to do it inside the shed. So my question(s) being: How bad of a smell is there with the drying/curing process? Is a storage unit a horrible idea? And what risks do I run doing it inside a shed with minimal temp and hr control?

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    If you are running a filter, turn it off for just a few minutes. If the room is smelly within those few minutes, that is the smell that they will produce when you are ready . Maybe wont be exactly as pungent, but will be damn close.
    Do you have an extra closet in the house?
  3. I should have added it is an outdoor grow and I would put them inside but I live in an apartment and the mate isn't so fond of the idea..
    Oh well if its an outdoor grow I'd be more worried about the smell that is currently coming from the plants :smoking:
    If your shed is located near where you grow, then you should be ok, but keep that fucker locked. Sometimes you have to worry about thieves alot more than you do the Feds.
  5. Gotchaaa. Say in theory I did it in a unit and added hr and temp control would the smell be a risk to bypassers? Or would you just do it outdoors and risk the mold but keep it safer?
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    Don't do it need a dry, dark place for your dry and cure. If the shed is out in the open then you do risk the bypassers being able to smell what's in there but it beats risking exposure to mildew and pests. Pics would help a lot btw.

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