Dealing with the police

Discussion in 'Grasscity Forum Humor' started by masterdebator, Jun 8, 2009.

  1. OK one day my friend asked me to go with him to buy some marijuana. I should mention that he had just got a bong and stashed it in the glove box(retarded).this was real sketchy buying cause we got in the back of this little kids car and exchanged goodies. Anyway we get into my friends car and pull out of the parking lot. while I was rolling a fat one when we see red white and blue lights in the rear view. We both yell oh shit as we throw the weed and joint under the seats. We calmly pull over as our hearts race, the officer shines his car light into our car so we freeze. he slowly steps toward our window and says "do you know why i stopped you?" My friend says no officer and he says "license and registration. We open the glove compartment as i brace the bong and my friend shuffles through the papers in the glove box. the officer gives us a funny look as he stares and two guys with both of their hands in the glove box shuffling through papers. We finally give him the registration, and it turns out we got a warning for failure to turn on our lights. But if your looking for an adrenaline rush get pulled over by a cop with weed in the car.
  2. wow you got off easy
    Once i was hotboxing a car in my neighborhood
    some kids started playing around our car until there parents saw them
    they noticed the smoke and called the cops
    we were screwed from that point on....
  3. this isnt about police but its about my PO wich is close enough. i was chillin in my room one fine fall day, skippin skool to smoke the reefer like id been doin 4 the past couple days (i wasnt tryin to get booked at skool) i had just finished the the rest of my stash n was contemplating whether or not to smoke my last port. all of a sudden some knocks came at the door n i knew who it was. i answered it cuz i wasnt about to run. it was my po and he booked me. i was sittin inn the back of his car stoned as shit and didnt give a fuck. then i got turned over to another PO who drove me to the juvie center askin all the way there if i was high and i just denied it. i was a lil scared cuz i heard he was gonna send me to boot camp but i was really worried about my bong which my parents destroyed. moral of the story, dont get booked stoned cuz its a buzzkill

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