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  1. So, let me first say, I do not have a grow. I have thought about it, I have planned one out, but nothing is done. My problem is, the extreme paranoia. Even without pot, I am paranoid. I live within 10 miles of a small-ish local airport, of which the loud "prop planes" take off from, and a couple hospitals, and an interstate, so both traffic and medical helicopters fly over. I have heard rumors that because of the woods and fields around, that there are aerial patrols. A group was recently busted with a large sum of pot a ways a way from here, and the word going around is that the narcotics task force knew about the large sum of pot, but waited until they all got together to take them down, and it was transparent the whole time.

    Maybe its my being up-to-date with my Breaking Bad episodes, but I have this vision of the DEA and police tracking my every move, rolling up and down my street, flying over my house scanning it with FLIR, watching every thing I do online, if i'm on the porch having a cig, every time I hear something rustling in the neighborhood (guaranteed its a coyote or other animals but still) I think its SWAT, or if a van parks down the street I think its a stakeout. Even though I would only be growing a very small number of pot plants, I feel like I am the great Heisenberg, and Hank is right on the edge of figuring it all out.

    Then, comes the other thoughts, of what I would do if I were caught, how that would change my life... my rule is "keep it a misdemeanor", not having enough plants to count as a felony, but still, it would alienate me from people, I'd never get a job, if I go back to school, and got financial aid, I'd lose that, I'd have to explain to people close to me what happened, some people might be understanding, others would shut me out and reject me. Even if you are in possession of some personal use, people tend to see you on the same pedestal as meth and crack dealers, and that you are out killing people and destroying the world. It has gotten to the point now, that if the house frame expands or contracts, or the wind blows, and I hear a bang/creak/anything, my eyes open, and I imagine them busting my door in.

    How do the more seasoned pros deal with this? How do you get sleep at night? I know there are guys out there with 3x-10x the felony number of plants, and they do just fine. Help!
  2. there's a difference between meth lab and one pot plant mate, be smart about it, don't cheap out with security and you have nothing to worry about, on the other hand living with paranoia isn't worth it don't stress yourself out... I think most growers don't regularly think of the consequences
  3. You are too paranoid to grow weed. Do yourself a favor and buy your stash and leave growing to those without these issues.

  4. I agree, sounds like growing isn't the hobby for you.

    One question though. If you purposely keep it a misdemeanor how does that equal "never get a job again"?
  5. Just from reading your post, i can tell growing isnt for you.
  6. yeah, after some research, and reading-using some common sense, some sleep, and taking off my tinfoil hat and removing the wire hangers from my ceiling (last two parts are a joke) I've realized googling "police bust micro grow" and finding very little that I was just overreacting. For a second, I forgot that the system runs on revenue, and there would be very little revenue in it for them vs the amount of money it would cost them to put all the effort into finding a small setup based on a hunch, with helicopters running $500-$1000 an hour, the money to pay for all the surveillance, etc. they would lose too much in the long run. Watching Breaking Bad on no sleep is also a very bad idea, and again, the system runs off revenue, the smallest meth lab would net far more money/value in confiscations/court costs/fines than a few low yield pot plants.

    Next time I need to take a hit and chill when this happens... :)
  7. Look. DONT TELL NOBODY and you wont have nothing to worry about. I felt the sameway when I told my ex about my last grow. I broke up with her and was paranoid the entire grow. Now I have no worries. Long story short KEEP YOUR MOUTH CLOSED DONT TELL YOUR OWN MOTHER.
  8. lol you're not even growing and you think the police are doing surveillance on you? why would they waste time and resources spying on one of millions of pot smokers... either learn to control your paranoia, move to Colorado, or simply don't grow...
  9. The chance of getting caught if you don't sell and don't tell anyone are slim to none. That being said, you just gotta be able to put that stuff out of your head. I garauntee you will have at least one "oh shit" moment if your growing illegally. Just gotta remain calm and use common sense.
  10. Not on me specifically, it was more of "they are trying to put a stop to this in the area via general surveillance" kinda thing, like the "they know its coming from around here somewhere" so they start launching aerial FLIR and patrols/stakeouts.

    I think it has more to do with a very close friend of mine since middle school who was a dealer who was killed in front of his house a few months ago by some people who were trying to steal from him, so its an overall general paranoia with all the subject matter of weed other than buying small quantities and smoking it. The thing is, he was dealing, out of his house, a few blocks away from the police station, and was never busted, never watched, never a problem so that should be an indication. Could've also been when my other good friend, who also knew the guy who died, told me "this isn't going to end well, I see you either getting arrested or killed over this" back when I came up with this idea because of my lack of a reputable dealer.

    Again, I was having a moment of stupidity and assuming everything they do in a TV show (Breaking Bad) is the real world. I am over it now. I've adopted the motto "Lay low, you're good to grow".
  11. Yea that's to much to read. Don't grow or buy your smoke or stop everything all together.
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    It is true i never think of the consequences if get caught but no helicopter with flir will see it they cant see through walls only heat or anyone outside would smell 1-3 flowering plants. using cfl's no one would see anything your tv puts out more heat then cfls. Dont get so worried as long as you keep it to yourself you will be fine.
  13. Sweetie, I have lived under a flight path before. MOVE! :bolt:

    The noise level sets you up for anxiety! If you are a normally anxious person, the noise can make things MUCH worse! :eek:

    See if you can find "High CBD" cannabis-

    What Are High CBD Marijuana Strains? |

    CBD has a calming effect that balances the THC high-

    Cannabidiol inhibits THC-elicited paranoid symptoms and hippocampal-dependent memory impairment. (abst – 2012) Cannabidiol inhibits THC-elicited paranoid... [J Psychopharmacol. 2013] - PubMed - NCBI

    Cannabidiol, a Cannabis sativa constituent, as an anxiolytic drug. (full – 2012)
    Revista Brasileira de Psiquiatria - Cannabidiol, a Cannabis sativa constituent, as an anxiolytic drug
  14. i live by a militarily base and im fine. planes everywhere.
  15. the decision to grow or not is actually a trip about getting to know yourself. As such, there is no right or wrong, if you feel that your paranoia overwhelms you, hey cool, that's how it is at the moment. You don't have to do it and nobody/nothing is pushing you. Keep working the angles, gathering information, and one day you may decide to do it. There's really not any 'how' involved, there is only doing something or not.

    keep your own pace and see where it takes you, that's how it's supposed to be.
  16. You gotta have some balls to grow illegally, it isn't for everyone, some people just can't deal with the risk of being caught...Nothing wrong with that.. Me, I thrive off of it, scaling through the dense forest on the daily, just to check up on my plants, to ensure everything is alright.

  17. this too funny, a few months back when i started growing during the summer i was in the middle of a huge Netflix breaking bad marathon and was really paranoid there for a while :p

    i am still a very paranoid person.... but all is well so far! ..
  18. I'm pretty sure that the police aren't allowed using FLIR on houses anymore. Because it was considered an invasion of privacy.
  19. After watching most of Breaking Bad, I felt that I could do something like that and be OK from the law. I'm really excited to start my grow here soon.

    I don't think I have ever gotten paranoid. When I had moved back in with my dad (he's a cop & an asshole), I had just started smoking pot, and never even crosse my min that he would catch me.

    Anyways most employers don't even ask about misdemeanors, when I was in college I collected quite a few public drunkenness charges ( reason why I started smoking) and not a single company has asked about them.
  20. second for this morning,lay off the green clear ones mind and continue to grow. its called the FEAR my friend stop smoking for a bit. Remember the moment a drug ie cannabis is starting to change u for the worse lay off for a bit regain sanity and proceed.

    one love

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