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  1. sup everyone, my dilemma is, there's a mouse/rat in the apartment and i can't get myself to kill it... mice are one of my biggest fears... the way a lot of ppl are afraid of spiders. i've tried poison [zinc-phosphorus] and glue traps but it knows to avoid them. i dont wanna use the wooden one's cus those can get bloody. anyway i guess i'll call an exterminator but really i wish i knew how to deal with this fear, or disgust really, that way i could just kill it myself. any suggestions? also if you wanna share your stupid fears go right ahead.
  2. Are you a man? If so grow a pair, put some gloves on, grab that thing and take it outside and throw it as far as you can, that simple.
  3. im the same way with bugs, so i wont judge you. use wooden traps, they break the mouses neck and i have never seen a bloody one. im pretty sure they are designed not to make a mess out of shit. then pick up the trap with a bag and throw the fucker out.
  4. Condition yourself like Watson did to Little Albert. Have your friend hold a rat. Have him show you the rat and hand it to you. Every time he does this, hit a bong. This will make you happy. Due to the body's natural response to produce stimulus generalization, soon enough you'll see a rat and not be scared because you associate it with good tidings.
  5. :laughing: Quality post sir, plus rep coming your way.

    I wouldn't say I'm afraid... but I am leery of horses. They can definitely fuck you up though... little bit different than a mouse.

    The wooden traps aren't that messy either, unless it snaps on the head.
  6. i dunno guys, at this point i'm thinking i should just get a cat. i'm too paranoid and i know it's a stupid thing to be afraid of but it is what it is. i wonder where that type of fear comes from.
  7. I don't like bein' in the water where I can't see what'z underneath me sometimez
  8. let a snake loose in your house
  9. i know what you mean...i didnt know i had that fear till i panicked while tryna swim across a lake and almost drowned.
  10. Had a scary dream about rats once... In the dream, I went into my friends house and he was like "Watch out for the rats, they'll get you" and as soon as I started walking around inside the house, thousands of vicious rats came out of the walls and started leaping at me with the intention to bite. It was frightening :(

    Oh yeah, this also reminds me of that episode of Malcolm in the Middle where Francis kills all the mice in his bunker, and all those big manly men are screaming like lil girls the whole time

    Erm.. .sorry I didnt answer your question OP
  11. Damn that suckz my dude, I can go in the water but I alwayz think somethin' is gonna bite me and pull me underneath the water, well somethin' like that, ridiculous

  12. Oh man, I feel you on this one. When I was younger I use to love to swim in the ocean. But now I'm not too fond of swimming in deep murky waters.
  13. Rat traps on a mouse will get blood.

    Mouse traps... not so sure.
  14. get a kitty or a rat terrier

  15. classical conditioning isn't going to overpower an anxiety disorder.

    i think i saw some shit that's like you do some introspective psychoanalytical shit and figure out what originally caused you to have a phobia in the first place, then you confront it and make peace with that shit- marijuana probably helps you in that endeavor, and then you try and train yourself to be unafraid.

    i dont remember where this is from but i doubt it works, but it's worth a try if you want.

    i think i sort of don't like spiders but i think what i don't like in actuality is killing spiders because it makes a mess and i don't like icky shit, like the same thing would apply to vomit pus or whatever. but im pretty sure that's just genetics like how people are genetically predisposed to not liking nasty looking stuff and genetically predisposed to liking cuddly shit. cuz i dont think my like of fondness for spiders is intense enough to be considered a phobia so its like whatever.
  16. second best advice after mine imo.
  17. Don't kill it. Get a humane trap and then release it outside.

  18. ahahaha!!! I hope this is a joke. You just reminded me of when obama swapped the fly (youtube it...), peda sent him a letter and a "humane" fly catcher!!
  19. Leave a trail of exquisite cheeses out your door

  20. I don't see a reason to cause unnecessary harm to a helpless animal. Desensitizing yourself to the death of animals is no different then desensitizing yourself to human death, and that is why all humans are potential sociopaths. Sit there laughing while you shoot chipmunks with with a bb gun but realize that rapist and serial killers get their jollies the same way.

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