Dealing with Sorrow/Depression

Discussion in 'General' started by hempdude420, Jun 10, 2006.

  1. k ill give him some advice when im feeling down, not depressed just not happy.

    i am a sports fanatic, i do it when im unhappy, im very good at sports and this helps me make myself happier, because im good at it, this alone cheers me up. do something you love and something you know your here on earth to be good at, and mabe you'll start loving life for what it is.
  2. execlent post. i agree almost a 100% you really shouldnt be depressed because think of how much worse it COULD be. you could not have 2 legs, 2 arms, 2 eyes, you could have no where to sleep, etc etc.

    think about all the positives in your life... i almost died over this previous spring break by trying to drink myself to death, did lots of coke, and bars, and 2 tabs of X. by some grace of god i lived through that night and i believe its because i have some higher purpose here and im going to do something big or really help someone out in the future!

    so basicly JUST BE HAPPY MAN! :hello::D
  3. I swear I'm not fat. I recently put on weight because there's always food around at my new job. And I mean ALWAYS. All I meant was getting back to where I was weight-wise last month would make me feel better. I'm depressed becasue I keep trying to not be antisocial and make friends but nothing works. People are putoff by me because I look so angry and it's hard being putoff by everyone you meet.

  4. Then you're caught in a vicious cycle?

    If that's the case just break it. You don't have to be happy. I have precisely the same problem in my life when I don't have a laptop to hide behind- hence me being a gobshite here.

    But the dealio is that when I get drunk I get disinhibited and when I get disinhibited I tend to be more talkative oweing to the fact that I monitor what I say less. As a result I make friends when I'm drunk. I'm not saying get drunk by any means but my point is:

    Like me- and this is the blind leading the blind- you have to take a chance once in a while. Just break through your own barrier.

    Oh and to the poster who's friend comitted suicide I could equally say:
    "I've met and worked with AIDS orphans in Africa. Unlike your buddy who chose to start down the path that lead him to a drugs problem these kids actually had no choice in their situation. Your friend didn't have any real problems blah blah blah..."

    The point is that's nonsense I do not believe it is right to choose who you are compassionate to. A worse situation should mean only that the means to improve that situation should be more drastic. By all means tell people it isn't so bad: it may just give them the drive to change shit.

    With that said- if someone applies their own subjective judgement this does nothing of any actual use...
  5. i agree, nobody in america or any rich country equivilant, should be depressed, like you said, poorer country's dont have a choice, the opportunity you have, that those kids would take instantly is something you should be happy about, were all very lucky to be living in a time such as this, i mean the world is going to go on for some time, but it will never be the same, something to think about.

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