Dealing with Sorrow/Depression

Discussion in 'General' started by hempdude420, Jun 10, 2006.

  1. What's up all,

    This last year I've been pretty depressed. My depression has been broght on by many years of low self esteem. I just about never smile anymore and I feel like breaking down a lot. I don't want meds or to see a professional about this and I never smoke when I'm down because I feel like it's the wrong vibe to be having while high. What do you guys do when you're feeling really, really down besides smoke a bowl? I think I want to start a diet and lose weight. That might make me feel better about myself.
  2. talk to friends. tell them how your feeling and if they are good friends they will try to cheer you up. Also, depending on whats bringing you down, try to fix it. Just as an example lets say whenever you eat too much (since you said u wanna try to go on a diet) you get depressed, then try the diet. If its something else try that also. What I do though is just accept it. Life is a journey man, things bring you down and things bring you up. I always try to look at the present, never in the future or past. Never second guess youself. I have seen to many people say "well what if I had of just dont this" or "what if this happens?" FUCK IT! WHO CARES! Dont start sweating over shit you cant control. lifes too short man, take the pain, take the sorrow, but also take the good, and take it all in good spirit. Don't let shit bring you down and if it does by nature then say to your self "Why am I depressed? Fuck it is being depressed making me feel any better? No." Try to concentrate on other things, better things, better times, and just remember that life is too damn short to be sweatin over shit. Try to make it so that when you look back at your life you can say "no matter what happened, I took it with a smile on my face" Good luck man, try to stay up.

    - Puffer
  3. Thanks a lot man. But, i've been trying to fix myself and solve my ongoing problems since about the age of 13. And I try not to regret mnay things. And yeah things bring you up and down, it just seems like not too much has been bringing me up lately. god I wish I could live better and be tougher about things, and believe I've been trying. I think I need to find who I am.
  4. Maybe you should stop smoking weed, some people get really depressed after a few years of smoking. Or just take a break for awhile then come back to it later.
  5. Start working out. I also get really down sometimes, and have a low self esteem. Working out helps and it makes you feel great. I joined a gym and started going there.

    Also, working out helps release seratonin (sp?) which is basically happyness. Good luck.
  6. A good suggestion, but definately doesn't pertain to me. I've only been smoking about a year and I'm not a daily smoker. I go days at a time without smoking and I was like this before I started.

    StBernard, I'll probably try that, thanks.
  7. life is a journey, you can't be depressed man, you only live once and you dont know whats around the next corner, the world as i see it, is very complex and nobody really knows the meaning of life, so why put these stupid thoughts in your mind that u've aviusly gathered from homo sapien mass media, get off it and start living dude, stop being a baby, my fucken friend just commited suicide like 2 days ago, he was a crack addict all his high school life and battled depression, just cos ur overweight, thats lame. have some symptothy for people achually addicted to drugs and cant get off it. think about where theyre at and where your at, im sure your much better off. remember life is what you make of it.
  8. Your an idiot, that is quite possibly the worst advice I have ever heard. Stop being such a dumbass douche and actually try to contribute to this thread and try to actually help. Why bother posting and wasting everyones time if ur gonna be an idiot? Get a life dude, dont go walkin around tryin to make everyone feel bad for you and your friends if u arent gonna feel bad for anyone else or help anyone else. Fuck off, get off these forums, -rep

    ps - homosapien mass media!? as opposed to mass media for like frogs or sumtin? wtf
  9. ^^ Don't reply to his post if you think hes a dumbass, the advice wasen't even for you.. your just gonna create more conflict on the forums by posting more negative comments towards people. Not helping at all.
  10. I'd suggest staying away from Meds, I think they don't help at all with depression. Weed doesn't either, no drugs will help you.

    Do phyisical activity and try gathering your family or friends together and doing something you enjoy together.

  11. look man i didnt mean any harm, im just tryin to get the kids head out of his ass, he's fat, big woop, theres waaay worse problems, and about the mass media thing, i was just explaining that humans can get warped by watching or reading and can get very influenced by these thing's, tell me this, if he never even heard of depression or even knew what it meant and wasn't so concerned about peoples opinions, you think he'd be depressed? no. it's not his body that absolutely needs a drug and will die if he doesnt't get it depressed, he's depressed because of thing's he belives in his mind.
  12. There's many things you can do. Have you got any nice woodland area's or mountains near you? If you do, one day just go for a walk through there, i guarantee you'll be uplifted,happy and inspired by the natural world. As someone said earlier, working out would also put you in a great mood. Enjoy sports? Try taking one up, or a hobby, where you have a commitment you HAVE to make, you'll feel good because you personally got yourself out there and made the commitment, and you'll also be getting fit playing sports!

    Seriously dude, life is great, you just need to look for the positives, and they're definately out there!:hello:

    Hope you feel better soon bud, if you ever need someone to vent to, or some advice, drop me a PM.
  13. Look man. You gotta do what feels right to you. Look at yourself in the mirror. take a real good look. Think of one thing that you REALLY want to improve upon or change about yourself, and do that.

    As for not smoking. Shit, I'd say...DO smoke. I knwo for me...if I am in a bad mood...I smoke. It makes me feel a million times better. It makes me appreciate everything and especially who I am.

    I hope you feel better dude. Stay strong.
  14. And if my adivce doesn't help...listen to this guy!

    If I knew how to give out rep...this guy would get some. Awesome advice! :hello:

  15. 1) I'm not fat. A little chubby recently and feel like losing weight would help make me happ b/c it's kind of like goals and accomplishments.

    2) I'm not depressed because I'm chubby.

    3) I said nothing about the meaning of life, so i don't know what you're talking about.

    Read the actual thread, so I don't have to waste my time breaking down my points for you.

    Thanks to everyone else for the advice. I might take it. It's just harder than it souund, you know?
  16. Hey man I did find some woods today off a bike path and explored and it did make me feel better. Then I was almost late for work because of it, so...

    Gotta do it again tommorow.
  17. yea dude just cause he said he might diet doesnt mean thats why hes depressed. you have no idea why hes depressed, his mother could have died for all you know so dont go around acting like you know about peoples state of mind and dont pretend you know that someones problems are worse than another. You know nothing about this person and to come here and harrass him about his depression is just ignorant
  18. i did read it and he said his depression was brought on by years of low self a steam, then he mentions he's fat, get a clue...mabe??? or hes drastically throwing us off topic, don't you think he'd tell us the reason he's depressed so we could make an accurate judgment of it? o wait he did...hes fat.
  19. i think you might want to look into some medication for your problems see a counsler not everyone can slove probley by themselfs i know i cant, also working out is great or just taking a walk they all help.
  20. sorry about the position your in, i used to get depressed. i wish i could tell you how i got over it, but i haveno idea, i just did.

    anyway, im here to back up st bernard or whoever mentioned seratonin (sp?)
    exercize releases some chemical that increases your happiness, so go for a dailey jog, do pushups, situps, all that stuff, it will also help you lose that weight.

    something i used to do is go outside at night and sit and look at the sky. just lose yourself in the stars and shit, think about how far away and big they are. look at a passing plane and realized that people figured out how to fly. (how crazy is that??!!) do all that and at least for a little while you forget about your problems.

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