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dealing with parents and mmj

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by newgrass, Mar 11, 2009.

  1. If your parents are not cool with you doing it and are going to search your room and if you are really serious about keeping some mj in your room you could always buy a cheap mini refrigerator and always keep it stocked with a lot of sodas and then buy or make a soda can stash thing that is the same brand of soda as the other ones and keep behind all of them. Just though that would be cool and super stealth.
  2. You know, it's a real shame that 90% of the links you just reposted don't actually link to anything because they've been cut off. I really wanted to read several of them. :(
  3. Then stick with the original! ;) Just click the link in my sig! Oh, and Granny's list may be undergoing some interesting changes soon, :rolleyes: - It will be better than ever! I'll keep ya posted.

    Granny :wave:
  4. That is one hellofa list :D

    I´ll make sure my ´rents read some of that, their VERY closed minded... :\
  5. You should be honest and have an open discussion with them, but if after that they don't want it in their house you have to respect that.
  6. so here is the deal. my dad would be all for it once the mmj bill is passed for nj. but that prob is that seems to have staled and it may be a few months if ever if that passes. the only real prob they have with me doing it is the legal effects. is there any way i can convince them that if i keep everything in the house its a very slim chance of me getting caught cuz of how hard it is to get a search warrent.

    just an interesting example of how closed minded they both are. i have been trading stocks on my ipod via an app with fake money but the stocks are real. i made 250grand =) i ask my dad if he can make a stock acount and let me me trade with it. all my money of course. he didnt wana do it even though i showed him how much money i had made because it was illegal for me to trade under his name. after several hours of debate i was able to convince him that there was no way i could possible hurt anyone and wouldnt be detected so he finally agreed.

    hours convincing him that its ok for me to trade stocks.... i dont think id ever be able to get him on my side about marijuana =/
  7. I fear that you are most likely underage because if you were 18 you could make your own stock trading account. Anyway, I think your best shot is to truly rely on the MMJ bill to pass. Does that suck? Yep. However, if you are underage your parents would be putting a shitload on the line so you could smoke. You are not only talking about toking it up inside, but growing in the basement as well. This is more than enough to send a non-user over the egde and is simply too much to ask of them. If you are 18 just look into moving out and then hit up the indoor growing section of the site. I wish ya the best!
  8. What is with people like you always trying to out the younger crowd? I mean if they fuck up and reveal they're under aged then thats on them but you don't need to throw accusations around.
  9. I was simply having a discussion with him. I respect the site and the rules but I did not report him or anything. Do you not find it odd that an 18+ year old would use their dads name to trade stock? Either way it wasn't directed at you so don't worry about it. I hope the neg rep you gave me made you fill big and bad :rolleyes:
  10. 3 months ago after I told my mom I got a MMJ recommendation she stopped helping me pay for school because she says I'll never be able to get a good job anyway if I smoke so it's a waste of my time.

  11. I can't speak for the person you're bitching out here, but for me personally, I do NOT want to read posts or interact with anyone underage on GC. Period. Hell I don't REALLY want to read posts or interact with those under 21 here, but I tolerate it. There's such a thing as only being social with your appropriate peers, and any way you slice it, someone under 18 is NOT an appropriate peer for anyone on this message board.

    For the guy above who's parent rescinded funds for college because of a rec, well, that's the breaks to be honest. I never got dime one from my parents after the age of 18, in fact, I've actually given money to my mom on occasion. As such, I was never beholden to my mom's rules for anything after I became an adult. Life is so much better that way.
  12. I hope making my rep public makes you feel good too... :cool:

    Take it easy, your just angry I proved your self righteous ass wrong in that other MMJ thread.

    If you guys knew anything you would know age doesn't mean maturity, yourselves as prime examples.

  13. Just remind her that Barack Obama, Michael Phelps (8 gold medals), John Lennon, Bob Dylan, Bill Clinton, Dubya, Willie Nelson, Tommy Chong, Arnold Schwartzenegger, Mohammed, William Shakspeare, George Washington (grew hemp, anyways), Henry Ford (built a car out of hemp.. a smokable car?!), Hunter S Thompson, and hundreds more have all smoked pot and turned out sucessful as hell.

    Just don't get lazy. Create something. Paint, draw, write, play an instrument, woodwork, just do something productive while you're stoned, at least once in a while.

  14. Uh, no you're just being argumentative for arguments' sake. Sorry, I don't indulge trolls anymore, I just ignore them. Then again, this is from someone who got pissed because his stupid dancing smiley got removed from his sig. Age means nothing, right....tell me that when you're 40.
  15. Age does play a great role in maturity regardless of what you may think, and in the end this is an adult community. I find it funny that you say others are immature when your the one who threw a forum tantrum about people being called out on age. My post may have talked about age, but at least I did offer him some advice on how to proceed further. You just came busting in looking for someone to start shit with. You're such a hypocrite.
  16. You don't know the background on that situation, it was more than just that, I'm sure RMJL can explain that to you.

    Or I was the first person to respond to the OP and give him advice....
  17. This thread is not about arguing someones age. its about helping another individual with advice on how to use one of the most beneficial medicines in the world. My parents were assholes when i was growing up. my mom called the cops on me for finding pot in my room. Keep your head up and dont get too disapointed. i was arrested and put in drug court for over a year for being caught with less than a gram. now i am a mmj patient and grow my own medicine and got both my parents on the right page about marijuana. in fact my mom just bought me a grinder :). regardless i say dont grow in your parents house but the new jersey bill is looking really promising. i live on the east coast and in my state you can get a mmj lisence even when you are under 18. keep on it and never give up. you dont need to move all the way to california to get a mmj card. look at the states on the east coast too. best of luck with everything

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