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    Some blades may know me, others may not. Pretty much, I am suffering from chronic pain 24/7, herniated discs, fractured discs, etc. (I'm not going to write a detailed paragraph of my symptoms). The first couple weeks of college went great, but every passing week becomes 10x more difficult... Not the work load, my ability to function! Each day makes my pain worse, sitting in class is like sitting on a knife. I'm in constant pain so often, I can't even get my head straight to open a book, let alone go to class. I don't really know what to do about it, cannabis is the only thing that get's me through my day. But, I can not just smoke and sit around all day-everyday for the rest of my life! (yes I'm seeing doctors/specialists). It just feels like I am in a haze of pain, trying to get past each day, one day at a time. #endofmyrant/spillingmythoughtsout.

  2. Damn man, I dont know what to say.
    Is there a way to take the classes online at your own leisure?
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    Hey scooby it's shaggy lol.. Seriously though, wish I could help but I've never been through anything like this.. but stay in there man.. it WILL get better..
  4. Felt the same exact way two weeks into my very first semester of college and here I am a year later, much healthier (though not anywhere near how I used to be years ago) and using weed to treat myself. I hate the idea of being high for everything in life because of how much of an effect weed has with me but for now it seems to be for the best, and I'm sure you're in more pain than I was. Sorry to hear about your conditions
    Some classes you can take online, but not at your ow leisure, but my parents wanted me to actually take physical classes to get the "university/college experience".
    RMG (OMG) , its Raggy! (It's Shaggy) :smoking:
    I know what you mean. I only actually WANT to smoke less than 50% of the time, the other half I smoke because I NEED to. I have muscle pain, bone pain, nerve pain, and no one medicine, or even combination (as of yet) has been able to help, but cannabis alone does the job! I find it is like a roller coaster, where I have my ups and downs, and I think I'm on a real low right now. 
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    this might be a painful course of action, but may I suggest a light smoke of a very heavy Indica, or high CBD strain, then going to a chiropractor/specialist to get a back adjustment? They really keep your body in balance and help SO MUCH with unnecessary pain/discomfort that shouldn't be there.

    I find that the smoking beforehand loosens up your body to be reset, (they use this little gun thing many times that has a little nob at the end of it that quickly shoots pressure into one small area of your body) and feel a lot better and not in need of another adjustment for a longer period of time which could be beneficial for you.

    I don't know the specifics of my Dr.'s practices, but look up muscle reflex testing,
    they have all sorts of natural medications that help keep your body feeling happy (and yes I mean this literally, your body needs so much more than what we give it on a daily basis)

    So I'm very high and will gladly answer any questions you might have, but my grandfather was in the same scenario and he tried going and seeing a specialist, now he's 93 and plays doubles on the tennis court.
    You can overcome this my man!


    sorry for the link @mods but this guy needs help.

    Nobody should have their right to education squandered by a medical condition: 9Year HIGHLY severe OCD veteran speaking his mind.

    I think this might provide a little more thorough information about the generalized practices of these types of doctors, I hope it helps.
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    Hey, I really appreciate your response. I can tell you really mean what you are writing :). I was told "adjustments" were not good if you have a herniated disc. I will give that website a look through and maybe find one near  me to get more information - I've tried adjustments before (it worked for 8-20 HOURS, and then back to "my-normal"). I have not tried that gun thing, I will read up on that more! 
    I make my own canna-oil to rub on my back, it DOES HELP! /It's a short term help, but then again I use as many "short-term" help activities as I can to get through my day.
    I went to a spine-surgeon, who sent me to a friend (truly a friend, not just trying to refer me to another person) that studied with her. This physiotherapist was an insanely-educated-old-man, who knew what he was doing. Only problem was that he was SO OVER booked, appointments take up to 3 months, but they recommend coming twice a week. That ends up costing 400 a week / 1600 a MONTH! If I had that type of money, extra to spend on excess things, I wouldn't be worried about school, I'd be investing!
    I have been through a couple different acupuncturist, deep tissue massages, light massages, stretches, physiotherapists, medicines and there is nothing that takes away the pain. Doc's don't want to give me narco's and I am not a fan of taking medicines to begin with. Cannabis takes away most of the pain when it is moderate to severe, when it is really-bad cannabis will make it tolerable. It also allows me to sleep and night, and helps me eat - yes appetite loss when you have so much pain all the time! Pain will get so bad I can not/don't talk to anyone (for a day, two days, three days, as long as it's extreme).
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    so my parents decided they are going to take the money they've been saving for a family vacation, so that I can go to physiotherapy treatment again. On one hand I feel gratefully and lucky, on the other I feel guilty and depressed. I'm going to cry!..and I can't say if it's from the physical or emotional pain.  The next couple months look like they will be rough.
  9. Hey Scooby, can't say I can relate on the physical pain but I know what its like to feel guilty and depressed when parents go out of there way to help us, but that's what family is for! We're all on this ride together man. I hope you find something that works for you though, keep your head up
  10. depends on if you want to face the shit in your life or not
  11. I can actually relate due to my own disk fractures and problems, try to exercise other parts of your body and if you can strengthen your abdominal muscles it helps a lot. Smoke stay positive and keep on keepin on.
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    Isn't there a form of weed that doesn't get you high but releaves pain? My friend doesn't smoke and is also in pain and said it actually helps. Just stay away from stuff like ibuprofen. That shit will fuck up your body. I asked him and hes taking sulfasalazine. Maybe something to look at.
  13. Hey scoobs-signed up because you sound like myself about six months ago. I dealt with herniated discs in my lower back from the age of 20 right up until six months ago-I am 26 now!

    I went through every treatment under the sun except surgery which I didn't wish to do for my own reasons. I am FINALLY 98% pain free and quite honestly its thanks to stretching several times a day....sounds silly I know but seriously try it out, it was amazing how fast I started getting relief. Far, far better than the spinal injections, physio, acupuncture, massage therapy ect ect.

    I started by doing what this guy does in this video and then advanced to more aggressive stretching. Try it for a week a few times a day.

    Top 5 Stretches To Relieve Low Back Pain!!!!!!:
  14. OP I will pray for you.

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