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Dealing with insects while high?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Jeffersong808, Dec 30, 2011.

  1. Does anyone notice that when your stoned and there's a bug it downs your high?
    For instance, I was blazing in my room last night and there was a fucking cockroach :eek: I was freaking out. The flying one too -.-
  2. What I say downs my high is when I find two beetles that got into my eight and the bastards ate some I swear
  3. [ame=]cheech and chong - the cockroach - YouTube[/ame]
  4. Anything that is without a doubt, no two ways about it, negative (like cockroaches) will be a huge downer when you're high lol. If you've got room to say, "Eh fuck it that's actually okay because _______" then your high brain will opt for that, but when there's absolutely nothing you can fill in the blank with, you end up just obsessing over the negative thing.

    Or, you just forget it entirely. I'd suggest the latter. :cool:
  5. God damn spidermites, sneaky lil bastards
  6. If anything, spiders would creep me the fuck out while im high.:eek:
  7. ugh i hate bugs enough when I'm sober! It's horrible when your high and some spider sneaks up on you...not okay with that.
  8. FUCK ants .... they kill my high every time

    so once I was just finishing blazing up in my shower then i go to wipe my self down with the towel...20 seconds later my nuts start itching like alot haha, so i look down and theres a colony of those motherfuckers crawling on my junk !
  9. Can bugs get high? I was smoking a blunt outside once and this huge fly kept buzzing around me and finally landed on the window so i blew the whole blunt on it and it wouldnt move even when i tapped on the glass
  10. I'm nice to insects when I'm stoned. Just get a concious feeling to leave them alone as we all deserve to be alive. I killed a fly once when I was baked and it really upset me.

    Peace. :smoke:

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