Dealing with Depression and Sex

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  1. So its been months since i've been on my favorite website GC. But shits going down and I need advice. I have suddenly fell into a horrible depression (I have battled this on and off my whole life) and my sex drive is not there. And anyone who has read anything I've written knows that totally abnormal. And I know my boyfriend is trying to be supportive but is getting frustrated. I just can't get into it. Any advice? Anyone else been there?
  2. What's causing the depression?
  3. I have no clue, I try to reason with myself but I can't seem to pull myself out of this like black hole, It sounds like I'm attention seeking and annoying I know, but that is the best way I can describe it. Like there is almost two different people inside of me, one that is reasonable and knows yeah things kinda suck right now but its okay, and the other half that is stronger and throws me into the "hole". And the other day while having sex I freaked out and started sobbing and shaking and flipping the fuck out, for absolutely no reason.

    I'm actually going to possible enter into hypo-therapey. I'm guessing they think I have some repressed memories?

  4. That sounds pretty fucked up...

    Repressed memories of abuse during childhood would be the doctor's first guess, I think.

    Were you abused in any way during your childhood?
  5. hey it's my ex...
  6. You should smoke more?
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    It's actually the opposite for me. I know that if you're depressed, you sex drive typically goes down. I've been depressed recently but I found that my sex drive goes way up. I think its b/c I get depressed cause I'm lonely so I yearn for a guy to be with me. I'm a girl and a virgin btw
  8. The most important sex organ is the brain.
  9. You shouldn't have sex when ur depressed if you don't feel like it as your beating yourself up and that just makes the situation worse as then you feel guilty and that you should be having sex to please the bf but you shouldn't if you don't want to right now, but you should tell ur bf that you want a break from it until you have had treatment if he is supportive he will understand and wait until u feel better so maybe all you need right now is to be held by someone without the pressure of sex.

    Hi by the way I just joined this site.
  10. SM- Sounds cheesy, but try to keep your chin up. Tomorrows another day & you may feel alot better. B/T/W does bud help at all? And are you using b/c pills or patches by chance? Those things make me horrible. I've tried all sorts of diff scrips. I used to be able to use them fine- but one day, BAM! Big problems. I know other girls that this seems to be the case for as well. And we all know that hormones can do crazy stuff to your mind & body! Just an idea.

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