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  1. There's this guy that i smoked out 2x. I also let him use my digital scale. The day he gets his stuff he doesnt return the favor and ditches me. I also left my stuffs in his bag, because I thought we was riding with him but he wouldn't give my stuffs back, so i didnt have anything for school for 2 days and couldn't study as much for the ACT test. Now he keeps making up excuses saying he doesnt have my scale but everyone I talk to tell me he has it and claims that its basically he won't give it back to me.
    I'm about to beat this kid's ass but i want to hear what everyone else thinks i should do...
  2. yup, get your shit back.
  3. do something about it. Get even you know...key his car, wait for him to leave his house and jump him...put sugar in his gas tank etc... something to make you feel better and speed karma up a little haha.:D:smoking:
  4. yeah just tell him give it back or expect an ass whoopin
  5. tell hum to give you your "stuffs" back or you'll stuff his face
  6. What pisses me off is I'm a pretty nice guy. I don't really fuck with people, in fact I'm usually helping people out, smoking them out and stuffs...why would anyone do this to other people..

  7. said it in your thread title

    people are just assholes its apart of life .

    sometimes you gotta whoop ass :D good luck brotha
  8. just go to that muh fuckas house and take your "stuffs" back

  9. yuuh kicka door
  10. Jus get your shiet back, No need for no extra bullshit unless he wants to start more shit then smash on him.
  11. Some people mistake kindness for weakness friend.

    Do all of us proud and prove him painfully wrong. ;) :D :smoking:
  12. i'd beat his ass. get your stuff back bro
  13. Its fucked up how everybody recomends violence.

    Theres times where you have to learn and live. Sometimes it aient worth it.

    Dont put yourself in a position to get fucked with in the first place.
  14. But it's not like I was looking for something..I thought he was just another friendly stoner, then he ditched me so I was just like guess I won't fuck with him anymore...

    Now he won't give me back my scale and I actually need it. I talked to my mum about it. Told her that I needed it for diet which is true, and he said he needed it for that too. I told her he wanted to use it for a week and now he's not giving it back..She's a strong Catholic, and she said to just forget it, give it to him as Christmas...

    I don't want to do that. I already get shit from everybody, I don't need more..All I'm asking is for him to give me back my scale..
  15. your 18+ so what would talking to your mom accomplish?grow up and get over it its 20 bucks
  16. i used to be WAY to nice, and same shit happened to me. a guy stole 50 bucks from me when i was giving i was giving it to him to get me bud but kept on making up excuses. a different one every day. it was kind of funny looking back on it now. dont let him mistake kindness for weakness. jump him, fill his gas tank with water, paintball his house, throw a brick through his windows. etc. or just plain beat the shit out of him and make him give you your 'stuffs' back
  17. grow the fuck up jerk - you dont key someones car especially over a $20 scale
  18. this kid has it coming to him. most likely this isnt the first time hes done something like this. hes probly stolen kids shit way more times before hes done this. guys going to get what is coming to him.
  19. I agree but you still dont key a car over this
  20. i wouldnt. first id try to talk it out with him. but this kids already tried that. so you have to resort to more drastic measures. but yea, keying a car is alittle childish. this guy needs to send the message that he not fucking around. throw a brick through his window with a message on it. like next time its your head or something.

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