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Dealing with a tweaker roomie?

Discussion in 'General' started by Cornflake, Oct 7, 2005.

  1. How the hell can I get my stupid meth head roommate to move out. I've had problems with roomies in the past, I just really don't like resorting to violence. But this kids been smoking meth since 530 this morning and I'm exhausted. Aside from the fact that he plays those damned loud videogames the reek is keeping me awake. He locks his door so I can't go over and beat some sense into him. And reporting it to the landlord may do more harm than good, I'm constantly violating the overnight guest rules.

    Any advice at all would be much appreciated. I need to fix this problem asap.
  2. i likes your quote...and my roomy is also somewhat of a upper freak.

    but his choice is good old fashion adderal. but i dont have a clue as to what you should do....
  3. That sucks a lot...

    ionno bout dealing with tweakers because i aviod em like the plague..

    Maybe try and apply for a change of room/roomate..

    Its kinda early if i get some better ideas ill post them.
  4. tell him to get the fk out
  5. I'd try to get him treatment. If he will take it that is.
  6. First, it seems like you're looking at it the wrong way. Just because it's tweak doesn't change much. If your roomie didn't smoke bud and you were constantly smoking massive buds and playing loud videogames, your roomie would be just as upset as you are now. It could be the same with cigs.

    Here's how it works. You're paying half the rent. If you don't want the smell of a particular kind of smoke in the place (whether it's cigs, weed, or meth), then your roomie damn well better go outside to smoke it. Never been to an apartment or house where you had to go outside to smoke?

    As for the loud videogames, fuck that shit. If your roommate is making too much noise AT ALL, in any way whatsoever, you've got to put your foot down and make him stop.

    Trust me, if you end up having to go to the landlord, you'll get in much less trouble for 'overnight guest rules' than he will for being too loud and smoking speed in his room. The landlord would much rather have you as a tenant than your roommate.

    But, if you're deadset on solving it yourself, be prepared to pay for a new door, because my advice would be to kick it in and tell him what the fuck is going on. If he doesn't like it the next place your shoe goes should be the side of his face. You shouldn't have to stay awake for days in a row just because he does.
  7. Slice off his balls while he is asleep.

  8. Yeah I tried that already.

    Anyway another reason I forgot to include on why I won't go to the landlord is I'm the only non-oriental kid in the house and the landlord doesn't seem to trust me at all. Also I have a ton of pot paraphenalia lying around the room (I'll be packing it up this weekend, just incase).

    What's worse is this is the only place I have where I can rent for the next 3 months now, at least the only place near where I need to be. What makes it so bad is there's a small gap in the wall near the window (3 3/4 inch) so I hear all that shit just as loud as him and all the smell just goes straight into my room.

    I smoke outside because there are other tenants. This kid doesn't even open his window to smoke; I tried goin through there last night.

    Really not lookin forward to replace that door, but it's lookin better and better as an option. I tried to catch him before he left this mornin, but after he turned off the racket I fell right asleep.
  9. Hide all your shit (maybe even give it to a friend to hold on to) and call the cops.

    But that's a really bastard thing to do.

    Anyway me and my roommate have this kind of thing going on all the time. He hates the smell of pot, and of course he doesn't care for loud music. So what happens? I smoke in my room with the door closed, and I don't play loud music when he's home.
    Simple as that, we have no problems.
  10. Ok, so you're the only non Asian kid....what's that have to do with anything?
  11. Did you bother to read the thread? He already explained why thats a problem. His landlord doesn't trust him because he's not asian.
  12. Yeah Galahad, I read the thread. He wasn't conclusive in regards to his landlord not trusting him because he was not Asian, or as he put it, Oriental. This made me decide to ask a question, so I could possibly help him out.
  13. tell your landlord your roomie is tweakin on meth. Quit fuckin around with this shit and do something about it.
  14. Who's name is on the lease? If it's your lease tell him to get the fuck out. Change the locks and set his shit on the front porch. If it's his lease then start lookin for another place cause believe me if he gets busted you're going down too. If it's in both names I don't know what to tell ya.
  15. Neither of our lease actually.

    I did manage to get rid of him. I found a place he likes even better, cheaper rent and no one will rag on him for smokin meth. Took a bit of work but now I can get some sleep.
  16. Sucess1!!! good job man.
  17. that was pretty quick howd u manage to do it?
  18. nice, surprised you got to do it without violence. Must be kinda weird boarding up with all those asains too haha.
  19. fuck tweekers, tell him to get the fuck out :)
    beat his ass if he gives you any problems. but normally a good ol fashion ass kicking puts most people in place. give it a try if hes to dumb to understand.

    or tell him to get some headphones that might help him from getting his ass pwned on those games.


    shit, well, i guess you handled it sweet, good job man.

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