Dealing with a moron.

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  1. Alright so back about 6 months ago. Some friends and I had this spot we would smoke at all the time. There was absolutley no heat it was behind some houses you keep walking and it would be a forest about 2 football fields away. There yards had fences so this was no way their property at all.

    So one day driving we found a couch on the side of the road and we descide to load it up and take it to the spot. When we pull up to this place a person flashes their lights at us it was night btw. They started yelling at us NO DUMPING and started taking pictures of us.

    So we were like fuck it we will put it in through some other place. When were leaving my friend sitting in the back yells out sorry for any inconvinience this may have caused you (Sarcasm). So whatever we leave and we are going around to put the couch in the spot. When all of a sudden some dick head in a white Acura TL cuts us off in the middle of the road. Gets out of his car and yells at us YOU GUYS LOOKING FOR TROUBLE (strong Cuban accent).

    And we tell him WTF are you talking about. It ends up he thought we yelled out YOU GUYS ARE LOOKING FOR TROUBLE. He punches the window my friend was at. Then says ohh you don't know me ill cap a 9mm in your ass and reaches for his pants. (doupt he had one).

    So whatever i told him hes an idiot and i just drove off.

    Ever since then i have thought about carrying a switchblade on me.
  2. lol thats funny dude....i had a spot where i used to live back behind some houses in a forested area and me and my friends carried like 3 couches and a table back there one night...was amazing place to blaze at like 15-16 :)

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