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  1. wtf is up with dealers and guns. i mean i almost got f*ckin shot today. me and my friend got in this guy car and we went into a vacant lot. they guy hands me an O and i am about to give the dude 150$ and my friend trys to shank the dude but the dealer pulls a 9mm in my face and tell me to give him the weed back and the money.

    so now im out 150$ and an O. i fuckin hate that kid and the dealer
  2. I guess they carry guns because of people like your friend. You should make him pay you back the $150.
  3. I thought they give you a gun when you apply for this job lol
  4. That's shit but the kid with you was the real dick.

    Dealers need to protect themselves in the dope game.

  5. How did he try to jack the dealer?

    Your "friend" is going to get you shot doing things like this.

    Why did the dealer put the gun in your face and not your friends? If your "friend" tried to jack him, it would only make sense that your "friend" not only tried to jack the dealer: it would also seem that he was trying to jack your weed that you would have gotten had he not tried to pull that shit. Your "friend" owes you $150 or more for being a complete dumbass: most dealers carry guns.
  6. hahaha he pulled a knife out trying to jack a dealer. hahah at least attempt to pull a lick correctly with the necessary items

  7. LOL, Im with hempress on this one, make him pay you your money back! :p
  8. Wow dude youre friends a douche bag, I would make his ass pay ya back and then smoke the bud youre going to buy with it in front of him and not let him have any :)
  9. yea, with my temper, if i was that dealer i would have shot your friend in the foot. don't fuck with me. if i was a dealer i'd carry a gun on me at all times too. but i'm not a dealer, and i don't own a gun.
  10. hate to say it, but its your fault. you should have known your friend was going to pull that shit. thats just stupid, your friend is making a bad name for weed everytime he pulls a knife. if you didn't know he was going to do that, well, get some common sense because people just don't try and rob people out of no where. i'm sick and tired of hearing about people ripping people off and other stuff. marijuana smokers are supposed to stick together, we are opressed in the US. don't steal weed, and don't rip people off. even if they are first time buyers, it feels like shit when you get ripped off.

    not a good way to treat a fellow smoker. if i was that dealer, i first of all wouldn't have had a gun, and would have kicked both you and your friend in the nuts.
  11. ya dude pots not about just having to get high.
    and its certainly not about using weapons in order just to get high. thats fucked up, your friends a dumbhit ..and why on earth should people who sell pot carry guns??

    theres no need for thaT!!!! its fucking pot for god sake. i guess it is because of dumbshits liek your friend that force dealres to arm themeselves. wtf pulling a knife on somebody over bud?

    really whats happend to the counter culture? its shit liek this that has given pot a bad name. go slap your friend in the fucking face. GOD DAMN! wtf ..knifes and guns.

    the only weapon any pot smoker should be carrying is a pack of zig zags and a lighter
  12. wow, your friend sounds like a crack head....i dunno anyone who would result to stabbing someone for a halfy.....
  13. my friend who i buy weed from got a fun put to his face and got robed $1,000 $325 of it was mine. sucks ass

    we want hippie dealers not thugs

  14. here here i second taht
  15. Dealers, NOT dime and nickel dealers, need protection. They'd get ganked all the time if they didn't protect themselves. Maybe you guys don't get that some dealers deal with mass quantity which means mass some people that is a clear opportunity to gank not only their weed, but their money.

    After my dude, who happens to also be my best friend, had $3000 plus all of the poundage ganked years ago (with a gun at his head), he won't do any kind of mass quantity deals without his sweet piece on him. I don't blame him at all. Hell, I've covered his ass with my own sweet piece.

    Example: Crack heads who are after more crack but are broke as shit will set up a deal, mass quantity of course, and then try to gank it all so they can have double the money to go buy their rock. So, does one just turn it all over to the poor little crack head or do they defend themselves and their money and show the butt of their gun sticking out of their jeans? I vote for the gun, as a security option.

    I'm thinking that most people are thinking small quantity when they are saying that weapons shouldn't be brought into the picture. I agree that if someone is doing a deal involving an oz, then shit shouldn't get ugly. However, there are some greedy, evil people out there who will try to rob someone who's trying to sell them the larger quantities cause all they see are dollar signs.

    ( cover my ass...Grasscity does not advocate dealing or the use of weapons when it comes to dealing and buying. We also have a rule to not talk about dealing but this is a different situation based on a real life story.)
  16. I think your mate is lucky the guy didn't do what he should have done, shot the stupid fuck.
    Any man threatens me with a knife I would not hesitate to shoot him .
    If you knew what he was planning and went along then you deserve one in the ass for being so dumb.
    I think you need to get as far away from your friend as possible, what kind of friend risks not only his life but yours as well.
  17. Dealers should cary fake guns that look real..not to hard to get. That way they wont get charged if they are found with it, and its not a dangerous liability. Anyone buying from them wont tell the differance so they wont fuck with them.
  18. It doesn't matter if the gun is real or not, here in England the same sentences are handed out regardless,plus the cops are likely to shoot you.
    If your'e gonna carry it might as well be real and loaded.
  19. Your friend is a complete dumbass. I'm glad I just buy from people who live in the suburbs and don't even have guns. My hookup is the shit.
  20. Mutant monkey you must be from a pretty cop heavy area of england! here in warwickshire most cops wouldnt know a gun if they saw it! (of course i'm overemphasising) i havent actually physically seen a cop in about six months thats so few there are!

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