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  1. So last night me and my buddy went on a late, late night bud run because my dealer/buddy told me to come over and hed hook me up.
    Well, that didnt end up pulling through so the friend im with calls up one of his conmections for fire.
    We meet him and I was expecting something sketchy.
    This dude is the nicest dealer ive ever met. Haha
    After I gave him the money, he told us how he just had to quit his job andnhe is pretty much living off of the sells he does.
    He gave me his number and said hed like to be one of my mains cause he hsard of , e before that im a pretty consistent, trustworthy buyer.
    He also told me that hed price match for me if I ever have a better deal come my way.
    I dont know. This may be a rant, but I still cant get it out of my head how nice this dude was.
    Mostly because I heard from a friend of mine he wasnt that cool, but he was obviously wrong.
    So, to not make this thread pointless...
    Who has any stories about how freaking cool their dealer is?

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  2. I've had a few really cool dealers. Like the one that sold me a gram for $1 randomly. Gotta love it. :smoking:
    And my last dealer was really cool because he would always deliver to me despite it being like a 30-40min drive total.
  3. My dealer in high school used to always throw in kool-aid for purchases above $50. I never really liked his attitude tho.
  4. I don't have a dealer at the moment but my last connection was cool as fuck. She wasn't a dealer per se, more like a friend that I went in on weight with. She would pick up O's then we would split it up. It was an awesome situation but unfortunately she quit smoking and her dealer got unreliable at the end so we had to break it off.
    My guy before that was sketchy as fuck. He was a tweaker and paranoid as hell. Every time I went to his house, I was just waiting for the door to get kicked in. Plus he was always offering me other shit like meth and coke. Bad vibes man. I was happy to ditch that crazy asshole.
    Man.... I need to find a good dealer. Someone you could chill with, smoke with and feel good about going to. Good find OP!
  5. My last dealer gave away dubs for bjs

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  6. My friend had one of those dealers, before he found the good bud hookups.
    We showed up and had to drop him off. He came walking back saying "dude he cant get any bud cause some mexican cartel leader got put in jail."
    Ten minutes later he texts us sayig come over. He has have bud.
    We go in and the dudes sitting there, there are 2 guns next to him.. he opens his center console on his couch to get the bud and he pulls out a big bag of meth and some heroin.
    He doesnt have a frot wall to his house, its just a sheet. So I told him we needed to grab and go cause we had to be somewhere.
    I hate crap like that. Thug life. Lol

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  7. One dealer at my school would always deliver and everytime he delivered he would smoke us up with his own stash while we just chilled for a bit. Looking forward to hitting him up when the semester starts

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