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Discussion in 'General' started by Shogun2002, Apr 16, 2004.

  1. Today some of my friends bought a bit of hash, they smelt it and knew straight away, they were sold pure shite hash, this post would mainly be directed towards people in the UK because if American's get hash i don't think it would be soapbar, but anyway this stuff they got sold, it smells terrible and it's harsh as fuck on your throat and the worst thing of all, it does get you stoned a bit for a while but it wears off ever so quickly.

    Thank fuck i never bought it.

  2. Hate to say this but the south of england has some of the best hash in the UK,the thing is you have to be a newbie or stupid to end up buying shit.
    The problem is greedy producers and middle men,I have been quoted silly prices for hash and green but I know good from bad and I don't buy unless I can try.
    People like the one who sold your mate the crap should get a good kicking,stoners ripping off stoners just stinks man.
    I take pride in offering some of the best deals in my area.
    Always good.

  3. Soap is just a common name for rubbish hash,the reason it got the name is because when you smoke it it tastes of detergent.Like soap.

    Good hash isn't that difficult to find but like I said greedy producers are still pushing crap onto the market.Because I buy reasonable amounts I always ask to check before I buy and if someone says no then I go to someone else.
    My present regular supplier was a reccomendation from a long time friend and my previous fella was a sorted geezer who never let me down.

    I have no idea what you mean by bubblehash??
  4. None of us are newbie's anyway, not by a long shot. He came down to them with it all wrapped up in cling film, lots of it so by the time they had it out and smelt it he was gone, they rang him back up telling him it was gak,he said it wasn't and then hung up. For a start he dosen't even smoke hash so how the fuck would he know!?A dealer who dosen't smoke,what the fuck?

    Thankfully i've someone who would never sell gak.
  5. What I don't understand is why anyone would want to sell shit for, I've spent years building my reputation as someone who's straight.I know if I happened to end up with crap from someone I wouldn't go back,these people get thier names passed around and nobody will do business with them, so in the long run they are cutting thier own throats.
    Just doesn't make sense to me?
    I have to turn people away because I don't want to give up too much of my time to dealing,the customers I get now are all fairly long time regulars.
  6. Ha, I thought this thread was about Meth.

    As a rule I never buy any bud or hash without a sample.
  7. most of the good hash is lucky if it ever gets past leeds, let alone Scotland or for Shogun, Ireland..........we used to get a lot of good stuff, but that was back in late 80's early 90's.........we struggle to get good weed up here.........Peace out........Sid

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