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Dealers not anwsering phone sucks

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Kali Kushaa, May 13, 2011.

  1. been talking to my dude for past day or 2 about picking up and he said i can get but hasnt responded when lol. this ever happen to u guys
  2. all the time, but i go to a few people so if one doesnt pick up i go to someone else
  3. Don't call dealers unless they tell you to. Text them. They don't want their phone blowing up all day long. With texting they can respond whenever.
  4. Call him over and over until he answers :D

  5. Nahhh, my dealers prefer the call. Easier communication, fast deals etc. Texts tie people down. I hardly text my dealers, only to ask if they've got the goods at all, not the actual deal.
  6. People have lives, I'm sure there's more to their life than dealing drugs.
  7. then dont take the role of a drug dealer that simple or lose cusotmers

  8. lol like you just said, don't go to him. Make him lose a customer. Let bad dealers get weeded out. :hello:
  9. okay... to be a "drug dealer" unless you're selling serious weight you cant be available all day no matter how bad you want them too.

    get more than one guy and stop bitching sell the weed your damn self if its such a problem
  10. I get "slow played" a lot. 5pm turns into 11pm then it turns into tomorrow then it turns into next Friday. It is good to have a backup.
  11. I HATE when they don't answer. My regular dank dude had to stop selling because he got roped. He was the last of my TRUSTED dank dealers. So now i have to hit up this bitch that ripped off 2 of my friends.. she has DANK but shes a BITCH....

    Last time i went to pick up she told me to park in the lot, i stayed there for 40 minutes waiting and finally figured fuck it. soon as i drive off and get back to my buddys house i get a text "Im ready". -,-

    Just the other day she texted me saying shes got Dank, so i reply 20 minutes later asking if i can pick up 3 G's.... She replies 5 hours later at 9 PM saying "I'll be home soon" The fuck?
  12. I also experience this a lot... wtf let us do our own operation so we dont have to worry about this shit
  13. believe it or not, dealers dont sit by the phone all day and wait on you to call them requesting mary jane. they have lives too.

    dealers don't like whiny customers.

    just sayin lol
  14. You right, everyones phone is in their pocket nowadays.
  15. are you being sarcastic ? i cant tell lol
  16. #16 imyourcat, May 17, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: May 17, 2011
    Most people, that I know, sell weed on the side to smoke for free. I'm pretty sure he doesn't give a shit about you (as a customer). There's always another dude to take your place.

    A little bit of appreciation and respect goes a long way.

  17. True, but if the dealer tells you i got you and then tells you they are coming. then end up not coming at all.. and not texting... that is fucked up.
  18. How bout yall find some real drug dealers, not as hard as you might think, just got to poke ur head off the computer.
  19. What I'm sayin is, it takes like a second to answer a text askin for bud, no one needs to wait by the phone all day anymore, cuz everyone has a cell phone now... So it makes no sense when people answer like 5 hours later, I mean you a drug dealer, expect people to be hittin you up all the time.
  20. have to disagree. if my guy got busted and they get his phone, i dont want a trail of texts, explicit or otherwise, linking me to them. anyways, a phone call can be done in 15 seconds, texts - longer.

    and like others have said, it isn't hard for a dealer to pick up and either say "im not good" or "im good lets meet _____" or even "ill be good later and call you"

    not really a hassle for the dealer.

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