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Dealers? Mary and my life with her...

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by lordofthetoke, Feb 19, 2009.

  1. :hello:So, I've been toking regular for about 12 years now. My relationship with Mary has been up and down at times. And according to regular society, yes I do, probably have a problem, problem is though, I love Mary just to darn much and I wouldn't trade her for the world.

    I mainly smoke joints, heavily laced with Mary:smoke: and a thin patch of tobacco. I roll reasonably small conpact joints, but, at weekends and dam visits all bets are off on size... It's really just a money thing.

    I don't smoke hash, not in uk and I'd advise any one in the uk to stay the fuck away from uk hash or 'soap bar' it's vile, you may as well just smoke crack.
    We occasionally see a nice bit called 'gold seal' or 'squidgy black' but, even then it's not as nice as the hash in amsterdam, which, I will occasionally toke on:smoke:.

    Through my life with Mary I've met serveral dealers, some I'd trust and some I wouldn't.
    And I've had dealers who've turned into friends, but, just recently, I've had a friend whose turned dealer... Which, as it goes a fairly intresting turn of events and well, good for me:devious:.

    I've never really considered growing as an option until now and it's only because the habit is getting expensive these days with prices up to £25 for what should be 3.5 grams or an eighth to the layman, but, infact more often than not, because these bastards fix their scales you end up with say... 3.3 at best, I've known people who've ended up with 2.8! Fortantly, being one of the 'big boys' which, is something I take very lightly, I get 3.5 maybe the odd 3.4 and on occassion, with a wet bit, 4.0... happy days.:smoke:

    Our part of the Uk is continously subjected to weed that is 'sprayed' it's like the wide spread term for weed with something on it that shouldn't. From what I understand the first batch had sand or glass crystals (which is basiccally sand) sprayed on it and couple of young kids died (but, I'm not overly certain on the facts with that) However I have seen serveral types of 'sprayed' weed before. First off, the stuff with the glass, we saw stff with sand and it was just sand, like say a grams worth on it.... Then things died down a bit... After that, we have seen bits with 'flour' 'glucose or sugar' on them. most of time the 'spay' leaves the weed hard of the outer and wet in the middle, it won't smoke and if it does, you really don't know what you'd be toking in.

    So, why the fuck are these bastards laceing our weed? Weight, of course, just so they can get a bit more money out of their money, it's almost the same as what they do to coke or herione....COCK SUCKING BASTARDS!


    'Catchy, hey?'

    Anyway, so needless to say I don't smoke any of that shit. ATM I'm toking on someones homegrown, it's really nice, no idea of strian, it's quite heady so it's probably one of the white bad boys.
    Right now, I'm loving my weed and missing my dam..

    So, that's all I've got right now, If any ones got any questions or comments then please do add on, I'm always happy to meet fellow stoners, perhaps some time we can all medicate together! :hippie:

    Thanks for reading my thoughts! Now, they're yours to muse.:wave:
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    You paying £25 for an 1/8 man. I did the conversion and thats about $31. Over here in Florida we pay about $50-60 for a 1/8 man. I guess thats high for you but if I got those deals I would be happy as hell. Thats almost half off man. But yeah that really sucks that some dealers are "spraying" the herb. I feel for you man. I sure hope American dealers don't follow that trend anytime soon.
  3. I got some shit with something sprayed on it. Was cracklin and shit when it was burnt, and smelt of chemicals. was bunk as fuck

  4. exactly what i was thinking. ive seen an eighth go as much as $90. avg price here is 60. good luck on that "problem" lol.
  5. haha for real, dank here runs $60 an your getting a fucking steal (for my area)
  6. The average annual salary of someone in the UK is 24-29k USD. With lower wages, the US, 34-47k USD. I guess with higher wages you can expect higher prices.
  7. In denmark 1/8 of skunk would cost about 20£ (converted from 175 danish kroner). For some reason I get $30 when converting it and I know that 20£ and 25£ have a bigger jump that $30 and $31..

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