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Dealers in GA

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Sunsettoker, May 9, 2011.

  1. Okay well I've made a thread before about the severe flakiness syndrome that most of my dealers have had so far, but I just know talked a dealer down on a Quad which he was trying to sell to me for 140! I talked him down to 120, but that's as low as I can get him to go I mean that's pretty damn expensive I'm used to 95$ a quarter of dank but ever since i moved to Georgia it keeps getting pricier but dealers have become less and less shady, but in return I get reliable sources but expensive prices so my question is do you think I should try to talk him lower or take the quad for 120 so I don't piss him off. Any tips on negotiating with a dealer?
  2. Whereabouts in GA do you live? Just wondering. I live in GA as well.

    And I never get a quarter for less than 120. Ever. I would never pay 140 though.
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    Powder springs in Cobb county
  4. thats just straight up 20/g. I'd tell him you only got the bill next time but it was 140 so idk thats just me.
  5. Does anyone here live close to Dalton GA??
  6. Yeah its pricey
  7. yup, it's pretty much the same everywhere except ATL metro areas
  8. Try and meet some college students. I'm in Georgia too and pay 90-100 a quarter for excellent bud. It's cheaper when I buy more than that, which I usually do.

    Lots of students burn and are level headed, chill people.
  9. i copped one for $110 earlier

    pretty typical
  10. Yeah $110-$120 is about what it runs me for a quarter of some pretty good to great dank.

    but, I know i'm in the same city as Misc, so that makes sense. Back home in Gwinnett it runs about the same price but considerably poorer quality. I also haven't tried as hard to make connects at home since I don't take marijuana into my parents house.
  11. buy in bulk, obv
  12. i have several dealers an live in decatur,ga. dude thats way to much.. i get a quarter of loud for 30. try to meet new people who smoke. weed seems to bring you among other weed smokers and just converse with them and see if you can get connected with their dealer. if your in any school im sure a large chunk of your school are potheads. or at your job. or your neighborhood. never be satisfied with high prices. in ga if you show a dealer 25 dollars they get happy. so if you want to spend 140 they will definately give you the hookup.

  13. I'm sorry, but $30 a quarter of anything above dirt weed is unheard of from everyone ive talked to in the GA bud scene. I mean I could get some mids for 40 a quarter, but some good bud is pretty standard $20/g and then go from there as far as weight.
  14. Fuck that man you can grab a quarter of sugar black rose here for $100 and weed is expensive in nh.

    $140? Dayum.
  15. @athensman na dude it only has a few stems but its still really green and has orange hairs with visible thc crystals.. we call it loud or fruity pebbles lol
  16. Pick mine up for 350 an ounce
    in lilburn

  17. I'm from Lilburn dude :hello: Did you go to parkview?

    Damn, nice man. I am more than jealous then. My $60/eighth is the best I could EVER find. Smoke that shit up :smoke:
  18. Druid hills high school anyone?
  19. I semi know a couple kids that went there. Played soccer with several kids from the Druid Hills, Lakeside, Tucker area. My roommate went to Lakeside and knows a ton of DH kids.

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