Dealers are MIA

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Caffeination, Aug 14, 2012.

  1. It's funny, I went to pick up yesterday, and my dealer was having this exact same problem, except he was dealing with a bunch of different suppliers, and trying to pick up a pound. He was pissed cause a bunch of them said they'd come through, and then when he actually gets the money together they can't do it.:rolleyes:

    Had to buy some oil off him cause he was completely out of bud.:smoke:
  2. fiend status. christ its just bud, you act like you need it to function you need to take a break and rethink some shit.
  3. It's probably just a super secret dealer convention and they don't tell anybody cuz they don't want to get arrested.
  4. Its seems like when I have plenty of bud I get texts from other people saying they just picked up some nice bud. But when Im finally dry nobody is good anymore haha
  5. At least youre not on probation.

    But holy shit, ive realized hiw people fiend for weed like its some hard drugs or someshit -_-
  6. Once I spent a month without any weed and I was desperate. My dealer was locked up, my other dealer had dissapeared, all my friends were on their t break. Until this one timnow e that I was at work, some guy came in to my work and a little baggie of some mids falls out of his pocket I told him I'd give him 15 dollars for it and a free drink and he gladly accepted and it was about a gram so it wasn't too bad. Now I have a medical card cause all my dealers eventually move away or get busted
  7. Found my little pill bottle of AHBB in my sock drawer 20 minutes ago. (ALREADY HALF BURNT BUD. It's the poor man's AVB :D)

    Man I always forget about that little pill bottle. Whenever I don't want to/can't finish a bowl, and its half burnt... I empty the bowl in a separate pill bottle. Its mostly green with hints of black.

    I've been dry for about 5 days now... and I was cleaning out all the paraphernalia and re-arranging things in my room, and out the bottle pops out of one of my rolled up socks.

  8. Marys always gunna be there man, you're gunna get high don't stress about it.

  9. Harsh but true.
    i've got a half smoked bowl out in my truck:smoke:

  11. For me it's more like when I'm low it's like "shit! better pick some more up".

    But then if I do run out and don't buy more for a couple days it's off my mind.

    That's the difference between weed and hard drugs, if I did coke every day and then just stopped, it wouldn't be off my mind in 2 days.

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