Dealers are MIA

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    That's the number of "dealers" I have hit up today. You must be kidding me...
    1- In another state temporarily.
    2- His hookup is out.
    3- Jail. His GF picked up the phone.
    4- Spending the day with his "bitch."
    5- "I'll call you right back." It's been 3 hours...
    6- "Yeah I'm at my guy's house now, give me a few minutes." It's been 6 hours...
    7- Her hookup is also out.

    3 other dealers were completely unreachable. I'm now completely out of bud and about to lose my mind from stress. Anyone else have one of these days where it seems the weed has just disappeared? I feel like I'm living in a dry county. -_-

    :cry: :confused_2:]

    EDIT: I got some about two and a half hours after making this post. It's sobriety man, it fucks with my mind!
  2. Call 5 and 6 back and see what's up, they have people hitting them up ALL DAY, it's very easy to lose track of who they were supposed to call back ya know.
  3. Yeah, I know, but I'm in bum fuck no where Alabama. I bought an ounce off of one of them a couple of weeks ago and they thought I was some kind of god. They are so used to selling dubs to high school kids out here that they don't know how to do business. It's annoying but most of them have family that grows it up in the mountains.

    I'll call them back in a few minutes.
  4. This has happened to me lately lol. One of my connects gets new shit weekly, but this week it's been "i'm out" and last week "i'm out"
  5. just chill out and know you'll get it tomorrow :)
  6. This was my tomorrow... I thought that last night... :mad:
  7. Good dealers re up as soon as they make enough money back. This way they are rarely out of product. They just keep the new stuff vac-u-sealed/jarred until they sell out completely of what they had, pocket the profit, and then cut open the new bag to sell.
  8. You always gotta get that one stable dealer.
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    My only stable dealer is 2 hours away, but once I save $200-$300 I'll invest and just start doing real business around here and push these kids out of business.

    I'm so close to buying some fake-bake "spice" BS at this point.
  10. you won't do it:cool:
  11. just relax it will come to you:smoke:
  12. Alright... Called them back. #5 Hooked me up. He swears he left me a message but I never got it. I'm pretty baked.

    I'm pretty sure my judgement is horrible when I'm sober. Man my state needs medical marijuana.
  13. The dub shit is my problem too.

    most of the dealers i know only like to sell dubs and shit because they cant make any money selling me 3/4 of an ounce or half ounce every single time lol

    good thing he came through though
  14. man where i live...well it'd probably be easier to get weed more often if i had more money but i'm always buying blunts and dimes..and some of them got out of the game, some are still in the game but they are on some other 'shit', and i still come across the occasional old accuatence that has started selling weed like a fad...
  15. At least you have money to get weed :(.
  16. ^^
    Haha that's how I feel.
  17. used to have the opposite problem, dealers would only sell 1/8ths or more and never grams to me. now that i got a job though its easy to pick up quarters and such
  18. Im glad i never have this problem
  19. Yeah I've been sober for sixty something days now, no connect. Don't fiend so hard man. I actually live in a fucking dry county.
  20. which country ? ^^^^

    just curious

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