Discussion in 'General' started by xxkmanxx, Dec 30, 2001.

  1. Where can i find a weed dealer? Jus want around the neighborhooh and askin people? I really want to smoke weed :) and i cant get any, and i want to smoke by new years day.
  2. kman.... u aint my cousin r u????? just a thought.

    otherwise i can't help.... i have an irregular supply at the mo' myself.
  3. I remember you posting somewhat of the same question on a differnt board. Your best chance is if your going to any parties tonight. There'll most likely be some there. Just be friendly. :-D
  4. At this late hour your best bet would be a party.........the bigger the party ,the better your chances. Even if you come up dry tonight ,there's always tomorrow .

    Best of wishes to you and yours this year and all the years that follow. :)
  5. try not to be so keen about specifics on this board. some of the more paranoid members may think your asking for names and numbers.
  6. Ehh, your in New Jersey and you cant get weed... are you in elementry school? or jst a weird town?

    Fuck, pretty much every teenage in my toewn could score a bag easily. And I live in NY.
  7. Your best bet probably woulda been getting on the train & going to NYC. Kinda late now, hope ya got baked.

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