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Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by s1rtok3salot, Mar 14, 2014.

  1. Hello, so apparently my dealer has had the cops on him for a while, and my friends got pulled over last night after picking up some weed. And they told me the cops said something about how they've been watching the dealer for a while.. Friend went to jail over night , and my other friend got a ticket. So I might just lay low on buying for a while, but also should I have to worry about the texts or anything that I have sent my dealer in the past couple weeks?(Bought last Friday)

    I also live in Texas.

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    noob with a scary pot story...
    well, not claim they had someone who knew somebody who had a friend that went to jail over buying a few grams of demonweed...all the time.
    anyone else get a whiff of male bovine excrement? must be the texas taint...
  3. I believe I asked a question, not a story

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  4. No you should be ok. Police arent usually interested in going down the chain or busting casual buyers. Watching the spot is one thing, but they arent going to waste time chasing down text messages.
    It's just cball with his idiotic ways, don't mind him.
  6. thanks man.

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    Talk bout him being a noob and rag on him all you want....but don't talk about Texas
    Smoke On! c(o.oc)
    ya...insulting and trying to discredit the messenger with smear're one of those braiwashed types who likes to push debunked propaganda themes...or is there another reason 'officer'? :ey:
    don't go away butthurt...just go away. :bongin:
    <extreme sarcasm alert>
    BUSH family...reason enough to dis Texass.

    </extreme sarcasm alert>
  10. Bet I could find someone as equally discreditting from your state wherever that is...but its ok..sarcasm taken, people either love or hate texas o_O

    Smoke On! c(o.oc)
    that would be easy enough, missouri is the last state I left and it has that neo nazi Roy Blunt, in oregon now and it has some flaky political personalities...was born in california (nuff said there)..raised in the military so was in 49 states total by age 14...and then i traveled solo once 18, so ya, seen it all, lived there, pick any state..and any province/territory/district and you can find fault.
  12. True story, bet that was a cool, but crazy childhood. I know its all in good fun, but I'm fond of my state (prolly cause I've been here 25yrs) and don't take kindly to no down talkin' ;) keep keepin' it real cball

    Smoke On! c(o.oc)
  13. Lol. A dealer I had years ago shot 2 people and killing one of them. What went down is 3 teenagers tried robbing him, with a gun, and he shot them. Over a quarter of MIDS......
    My dealer ran away for years and until recently, they caught him.
    It was on the news. I had actually Been buying from him for over a year at that point, and he was always very nice and hooked me up with dank, or mids if I wanted that. I actually bought from him the day that the incident happened.
    I didn't know anything was up so I texted him for the next 3-4 days after this went down, i never heard from him again and a few months later i actually got a call from the sheriff, they were calling his hundreds of clients looking for details. I told him I had just got this phone and I had no clue lol.
    Thats way far beyond who I am, so I wasn't about to get involved in any way.but yeah cops called my phone, of course it was a murder but they may call you for details if they make any discovery of you in his phone

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  14. The cops will take his phone and they will ask if iou want to buy and shit. So yea I'd not be contacting him again

    Eyes like Mr.Miyagi 🐉
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    Wrong post

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  16. Sounds like you need to find a new dealer with less heat
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    Why the fuck do you kids text?
    talk on the phone. its safer.
  18. You are so cool. Why are you on here? To talk shit? Why don't you get on some other website with that bullshit. OP had a legit question, and all you did was talk shit. This is Tokers Q&A not Tokers Q&Talk shit. Someone with a post count as high as yours shouldn't be acting like such a "noob".
    No I'm not "one of those types". You are literally the ONLY person on this forum that I've had a problem with. I'm just sick of reading your psychotic drabble but I can't just "ignore" your account. So yes there is another reason. It's that I'm simply tired of you and your paranoid ass bothering everyone who needs help with a simple question or some curiosity.

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