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Dealer would not let me in his place

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Glass Bubbler, Sep 27, 2013.

  1. So I wanted to buy from my friends dealer that sells loud. I smoked with this guy twice while watching breaking bad and he gives me discounts at speed way but the other day I wanted to buy from him and he let my friend in his place but not me. Then my friend came out and said that he was mad at him, I usually watch other dealers but I am new to buying. Do you think this is strange or how can I get a dealers trust.
  2. Maybe he won't let two people in at the same time, due to security or possibly lack of space.  Other than that, just give it time.  
  3. do you really need to go inside your DEALERS house? you're there to buy weed not to be best friends.
    anyways no you don't need a new dealer, it's not exactly just suspicious he just may not want to invite everyone in

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  4. Do you look like some kid that will get caught?

    Stop buying nickle and dimes and buy ounces, dealers dont like to sell small quantities of bud
  5. I have never gone into a dealers house. It is more professional.

    And a good dealer trusts no one.
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    Makes sense my other dealers let me in but I smoke with them when i buy
  7. Yet, the last time I picked up, my dealer had 3 large laundry tub size containers spread out. I believe he may trust me. :smoke:
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  8. I usually buy a 20 sack but where I live that's a 10 sack for loud which is what 1.3 grams I'm not for sure still new to buying.
  9. Well, unless your dealer is your best friend :p

    Sent from a pineapple under the sea.

  10. I always go in my dealers house. Its about trust. Give it time.

    I dont do drugs, I set plants on fire and breathe.

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  11. Someone who definitely is not me use to be a dealer, he trusted his best friends with his life, but there was always this small thoughts of "what if he blabs his mouth on accident". Even if there was 99.99% trust he always had that 0.01% that would subtly stick in his mind.
  12. Well I can't speak for anybody, and not many things are absolute, so I could agree. But when somebody who isn't me use to deal, and there was a hand full of people he trusted and never suspected would blab to the police over a three hundred dollar ticket.

    The situation totally changes when you're getting into flipping zips though.

    Sent from a pineapple under the sea.

  13. you prolly stank
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  14. Oh yea. The dealer that is not me would just worry that his friends would accidentally give his number to the wrong person.

    He didn't think his friends would intentionally get him in trouble, he just knew accidents happened, and would just hope they wouldn't.
  15. my homie who used to be a grower/dealer hated nd was soo angry at me if i ever brought someone close to his house or even said where he lived.even if he knew them he let very few ppl kno where he live and let them go inside. he would still smoke nd be cool wit the ppl he wudnt let in his house. he wants to keep lowkey, nd is prolly scared of bein robbed
  16. i wouldn't let you in my house if you called my weed loud.
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    Okay I don't know what to call it that's what everyone calls it down where I live what should I call it I'm pretty new to buying and smoking
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  18. Ohhh okay I understand.

    I always ask the dealer if it's cool if I give his number to someone before I do. And somebody who's not me preferred it that way too.

    Sent from a pineapple under the sea.

  19. Yea the dealer who wasn't me is glad he doesn't deal anymore. He was getting to stressed out about the possibility of getting caught.

    But he did learn proper etiquette on how to approach/handle dealers.
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  20. I hear ya. Free bud is worth it in a big-ish city where the law focuses on the guys towards the top of the chain :p.

    OT, I find it weird that you've chilled with the guy before, yet he didn't let you in. It'd be a different story if your friend just showed up with you without meeting prior. (a stranger). Nonetheless, he had his reason. Try and maintain a dealer-relationship with him and ask him once it's established. Up to you man. Don't sweat it.

    Sent from a pineapple under the sea.


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