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Dealer wont text?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by newdawnfades, Oct 24, 2014.

  1. Hey guys, I found a dealer two weeks ago and we exchanged numbers, and he'd said he'd text me with some info. By the this point he still hasn't texted back and I'm a little confused. He might just not be good yet, but I don't wanna be an asshole and harass him with texts, ya feel? 

  2. How many times have you texted him? If in a few days still nothing, call him.
  3. Yeah have fun being sober. I'd text him.
  4. I hate to say it but he probably forgot who you are lol. Or he is one of those guys that doesn't respond when they are out (though 2 weeks is a long time to be out) 
  5. I have no idea. This is my first experience with a dealer, I've only really bought off of friends before who just pick it up for me. 
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    You're not harassing him trust me, you're doing him the favor here. Just text him and be like "hey are you still down to do that?" or something like that, don't overthink it.
  7. Want a dealer to be responsive?
    Send tit pics.
  8. Yup

  9. Just call him, say you met him and he offered to hook you up, ask to buy some weed.
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    just text him.. 
    just drop a general message.
    I keep it simple with my dealer:
    a quick: "are you around/available" suffices, if he is, he replies. 
    however, i've known this guy for a long time.
    for your first text try something like: yo, we exchanged numbers a while ago, you said you can hook me with, let me know if you got anything
  11. So I talked to the dude in person and he's like "oh, my bad" and said he'll text me when he's good. I don't have high hopes this is gonna follow through, however..
    I mean, he's a drug dealer so I'm hardly expecting him to be punctual, but how do you just forget about a customer for almost a month? Maybe it's just time to find a new dealer?
  12. I dont miss that problem. I see my dealer a couple times a week and I just tell them the day before and im golden
  13. nigga call him fuck texts thats how the ops can catch dealers
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    In regards to the OP, this is a growing pain anyone who smokes has gone through at one point. I've had deals set up as early as 10AM ("yeah bro I gotchu dnt worry ") that didn't end up happening at all that day.

    Try to know as many dealers as possible. If I'm ever in a pinch and my regular guy can't get to me, I run through my contact list and send a bunch of texts. Whoever gets back to me first (without charging me through the nose) gets my money, simple as that.

    If that doesn't work, text one of your boys (or girls, I use the term as gender-neutral for those who care) and see if they have a little bit of green they can spare. A friend with weed is a friend indeed, however be gracious and humble since they'll always be going out of their way to help you regardless of whether or not you think you're inconveniencing them: it's rare that they'll be making money on you the same way a dealer does. Bring something little by next time as a showing of gratitude without saying anything about it or making a big deal. Surprising a fellow stoner with a fresh bag of doritos and something along the lines of, "Thanks again for helping me out the other day ," sets a solid tone to let your buddy know how much you appreciate his assist, thus making him inclined to help you again whenever you find yourself in a bind. This is your friend, so don't let the excitement of getting bud make you forget to treat them like one.

    Hope my advice can help some in the future if nothing else! Sometimes Mary Jane likes to play hard to get ;)
  15. Great advice, brother.
    I do not miss the days of trying to find weed, and then after what seems like forever you finally pick up and it's some reggies.
    Definitely don't miss that.
  16. Drop a text saying "will you be around today?" or something of that sort.
  17. Ask your friends who they've picked up from, and see if you can find someone else in the meantime. If he hits you back, awesome! If not, it's not too difficult to find people. Good luck!

    "Aye man how's my driving?"

    "Uhh I think we're parked man..."
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    So I ended up giving up on that dude and I found another one that my friend directed me to and she gave me his #. I've never met the dude before in my life and he doesn't go to my school, so is it so informal where I can just drop a text without him knowing who the fuck I am? We can just meet up and make the transaction, but can I just like text him randomly like that? 
    Nah bro... Did your friend text him to let him know? I know that my guy always wants me to call ahead and let him know, and tjem bring them with me next time before he'll give out his # to them.

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