Dealer wants me to front cash

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  1. So I want to buy a 30 sac of some weed but my dealer wants me to front him the cash and give me the weed the next day. Should I be suspicious? This isn't the first time I've bought from him. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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  2. I got advice. Do you trust him? Get some collateral from him.
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  3. NEVER front money.
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  4. If you're dealer is asking his punters for credit,it's time to grow your own.(or switch dealers/both)

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  5. dealers do not need your money to go buy a tiny 30 sack of weed...dealers have enough weed to sell 30 sacks all day long without worry of running out...the person is a middle-man that knows a dealer.

    if you trust this middle-man, then do it, but you should get this person to introduce you to the actual dealer
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  6. I think he's saying his dealer needs the cash to score again,which in itself shows he's a joker.Also,Why do you feel the need to ask total strangers on how to spend your money? We don't know these people, but you do.Go with your gut.

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  7. I did it once ... and lost.
  8. He's up-charging or pinching, I guarantee it.
  9. Just do a quick search of all the other threads on here.

    "I got robbed"

    How did it happen.? They gave them cash before they even saw the proposed weed!

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  10. I wouldn't. I'm not going to say I've never done it, but it was under very controlled circumstances. If your gut is telling you against it that strongly, then I'd wait and find a better offer. Unless you are at the point of being willing to lose the cash just for a shot of getting anything, which I can't judge upon, either. The one thing I will say is that it seems shady to me that he'd ask this for such a small amount of money. Especially if you've usually bought from him direct in the past. Usually, if someone's asked me to do this, it was for an actual amount. On the other hand, it seems a quizzically low amount to steal. You just never know.

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    No ....its money upfront for exchange for product , that's how business works dude, just tell him your broke and find a new dealer.
  12. Everyone gets burned once. It looks like it's your turn. Good thing about it, it only happens once. Well unless your a fucking dick slap. Then it keeps happening to you and you end up wondering why.

    It's easy to never get burned. Have some restraint and treat ganja with some detachment. Acting like a crackhead to get said ganja leads one to getting burned. Now I'm not saying you're a crackhead, I'm just saying fiending over ganja leads to bad habits. Like thinking of giving untrustworthy drug addicts your money and then asking the Internet if it's going to be ok.

    Smell what I'm stepping in broski?
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  13. Almost every single time they ask for money first you will get ripped off

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  14. I would never hand a dealer cash before product. Its different if your going with them somewhere but. Yeah dont do it, you will be better off
  15. rule number 1 don't front money ever

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